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  1. Boy oh boy. 11 days short of a month since our last posted update. What has been going on? Is the project dead in the water? The answer is NO! We've just been working on one of the biggest updates Dragonstone has seen! Tons of content, Plenty of fixes, All for your enjoyment! New Donation Store! We have a new in house donation store. This store will be easier for our players to use as well as it being easier for the staff team & I to manage things such as the products available and creating promotional codes. Untradeables now lost on death with a reclaim system! Previously untradeables were kept and sent to the bank on player death. Now when a player dies they will be sent to the Lost Untradeables container and a player must pay a gold fee to reclaim each item. This will help balance the economy by providing an efficient gold sink as well as balance the gap between certain gear sets being useful simply because of the low cost, low risk, high reward possibilities. Slave Pet System The base for the Slave Pet system is finally complete & ready for testing within our community Beta. Currently the only Slave pets available are the Mining Slave Pets. Soon to follow will be Woodcutting, KBD boss Slave (Needs A LOT of work to provide balance), and then Slayer Slaves. Anything after that will be determined by the Community. Updated Emote Tab There is a TON more in this update so why not showcase the full log for you! 7/4/2020 Boots of Brimstones now have proper stats and are named properly throughout the server Fireworks now display when a player hits 99 in any given skill Combat XP drops now display the correct amount of XP The Loot Table interface is now available. You can find it by clicking the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner Eating no longer resets players combat & causes a bug making you run directly to the monster you are fighting if using range/mage (TEST TEST TEST) The bank command can no longer be used in Olm's room Updated Vengance animations to match the new OSRS animation ID Referral Event set to ::referral buu -Gives 1 out of 4 referral kiteshields & 5 total Mystery Boxes. Completely disabled the daily rewards interface Implemented the Totem of Insurance (Pets) at home. This will house the pet insurance system. Added a Grim Reaper spawn at home. This will house the Untradeables Buy Back system. A new donation store has been completely set up server & web sided The interfaces for the Untradeables Lost & Pet Insurance are now fully implemented. Fixed the inventory display of all Lugia pets The following items are now noteable and the noted version is stackable -Mystic Set Pieces (Dusk) -Craw's Bow -Viggora' Chainmace -Thammaron's Sceptre -Bracelet of Etherum -Vesta weapon & armor -Statius weapon & armor -Zuriels wepaon & armor -Morrigans weapon & armor -Drake's Claw -Drake's Tooth -Boots of Stone -Brimstone Boots -Devout Boots -Brimstone Ring -Dragon Hunter Lance -Amethyst (ore) The overhead colors on objects around home have been changed to a much more appealing color scheme -Color shceme also further matches our new logo design The server Flash Sale system has been revamped -Activates randomly once every 3-6 hours -Sale last for 30 minutes -End of Sale pre-announcement at 10 minutes -Minimum item price is 3 Donator Tokens The color of the Did you know tips messages has been changed to match the other News broadcasts All random Did you know/News messages have been changed to be a little more informative and custom to the server Fixed the styling of the text for the Fog setting. Previously did not match the other text on the interface Implemented a new Well of Goodwill interface & system to match All level 22 skeleton spawns inside the server have had their stats updated to match osrs -29 Health -Max hit of 3 -15 attack -17 Defence Hammers are no longer deleted when crafting Hydra Leather into Ferocious Gloves Partyhat box Sets can now be opened by using a hammer on the box set, or a set on the hammer -The box set will contain the 5 original party hats Donation store prices of the following items have been revamped -All partyhats -Partyhat set -Dicing bag -Void Gloves -Void Knight Top -Void Knight Bottom -Elite Void Robe Top -Elite Void Robe Bottom -Infernal Cape Drakes Dragon Fishing Rod drop has been fixed Fixed the right click options displayed on the Amethyst ore Limited item shop has been removed Star Sprite NPC now has 0 health as its not a fightable NPC Fixed the message sent from the ::TP command when player has not donated enough to use the command ::TP command changed to ::teleport Created a ::previous command for players who have donated $25 or more -Loads the last teleport a player has used Donator scrolls no longer subtract from your rank to add to another players rank The following items have been properly definied & named within the server -Justiciar Armour box set -All Mystic robe box set -Gilded Twisted Bow(skin) -Blood Twisted Bow(skin) -Frostbite Twisted Bow(skin) -Blood Justiciar Helmet(skin) -Blood Justiciar Platebody(skin) -Blood Justiciar Platelegs(skin) -Gilded Ghrazi Rapier(skin) -Gilded Sanguinesti Staff(skin) -Blood Seren Godbow(skin) -Third-age Seren Godbow(skin) -Shadow Seren Godbow(skin) -Ice Seren Godbow(skin) -Barrows Seren Godbow(skin) -All versions of the Referral Kiteshield Fixed the issue with battlemage potions deleteing the seventh item in your inventory and replacing with the new potion dose Bastion & Battlemage potions have been revamped -Bastion Potion now boosts stats with formulas matching OSRS -- Ranged Formula = (4 + RangeLevel x .10) -- Defence Formula = (5 + DefenceLevel x .10) -Battlemage Potion matching OSRS wth a +4 boost feels really underwhelming.. so we gave it a buff -- Magic Formula = (4 + RangeLevel x .10) -- Defence Formula = (5 + DefenceLevel x .10) Rewrote the system used to turn in Ancient Emblems from the Revenant Caves Referall Kiteshield has been given stats -Same stats as an Adamant Defender but with +1 magic, +2 range & +2 prayer Updated the inventory models on the following items; -All Referral Kiteshields -Pokeball (not currently available) All versions of the Twisted Bow now require 75 range to be equip Superior Twisted bow now Requires 88 ranged to be equip The Purple Infernal Max Cape changes; -Untradeable -Can now be operated -Counts as Max Cape (In every way that other Max Capes are counted/implemented) Ultimate Ironman can now sell items to the Ironman General Store All runes & Rune packs added to the Ironman General store Runes & Herblore supplies have had their stock reduced in the Ironman General Store The Consumable shop has had its prices and stocked completely changed/revamped Magic Tutor spawn removed from home as it has now become redundant Players can now use a Vorkath Head on a Slayer Helmet to recolor it Players can now create Ava's Assembler by using a Vorkath head on an Ava's Accumulator The price to reclaim items after dying to Zulrah or Skotizo has been reduced to 350,000 coins Dialouges have been updated regarding the reclaiming of items after dying to Zulrah or Skotizo NPC to claim items after dying to Skotizo has been added to the Home area Login messages for active events now appear after every other login message! Skotizo spawn location has been moved slightly The dialogue for the Raids Prayer Scrolls has been implemented (overlooked before, rest of system was added though lol) Fixed the ::starterguide command All in-game forums links have been updated to redirect players to the New forum page released at the start of the month All Superior Slayer monsters have had their droptables revamped and buffed XP Scrolls removed from the Donator Shops Revenants inside the level 30 Revenant Cave have all received a droptable revamps changes include; -Droprates of all tables adjusted -All Totem/Statuette variants now on the table -PvP armor & weapon pieces now drop the proper OSRS ones not the weird custom ones implemented in the base client --This fixes some peoples issue with improper special bars that I have fixed for the REAL versions -Amulet of Avarice introduced -Implemented Item definitons and naming for Revenant Cave Teleport -Revenant Cave Teleport scrolls now teleport plays to the Deep Widerness Revenant Cave (Revenant Caves 2) Elite void top & bottom now require the following stats to equip -42 Attack, Strength, Defence, Range, Magic, Hitpoints -22 Prayer The following items now have Protection + Shop values; -Ghrazi Rapier -Ghrazi Rapier(g) -Gem of Fortune -Ring of Fortune -Ring of Fortune(i) -Gem of Dwarves -Luck of Dwarves -Luck of Dwarves(i) -Hazelmere's Gem -Hazelmere's Signet Ring -Hazelmere's Signet Ring(i) -Referral Kiteshields (All versions) Created boundary containing Vorkath's Island The following areas can no longer have Cannon's set up inside of them; -Vorkath's Island -Olm's Boss Room -Kraken Cave -Edgeville Cannons can now be set up inside of the Nightmare boss zone Added the client data for most of the newer Emote Tab from OSRS The following emotes are now supported server sided; -Sit up -Star Jump -Jog -Hypermobile Drinker -Smooth Dance Fixed an issue with players being able to get multiple Beaver pets from woodcutting
  2. Kid Buu

    Gauntlet Guide

    You only have 10 minutes to complete this mini game. By using the sceptre on the pillars you can access the next room. Each room has resources and monsters that you will need to collect and kill in order how to make equipment also so is needed to make potions. When you're ready to enter the boss room. Click on the portal and you will be entered into the boss. Killing this boss is difficult but it is doable. Pray Mage as soon as you enter as you will take multiple damage. This boss has 3 attack styles which is users on a regular basis. The first attack will be magic the second attack will be range and then melee. It will repeat this until the boss is dead. Each attack style will hit 3 times then you will need to change your prayer after the third hit of each attack type. When you complete the gauntlet you will receive your reward and be teleported out. I would recommend buying the crystal bow as it has really good DPS weapon and requires no arrows.
  3. Hey Dragontone Players! If you've ever wondered about the price of things on Dragonstone, then look no further. I've typed up a brief Price Guide to help you with Buying and Selling things on Dragonstone. This Price Guide will give you a general idea of items and their respective prices based on the state of the server. *THESE PRICES ARE NOT DEFINITE AND WILL CHANGE AS DRAGONSTONE GROWS!* If you have any questions or concerns regarding the item prices within this guide, please feel free to voice your opinion on our discord or in-game and we will be sure to update it. To quickly find an item, please hit CTRL+F to search. Thanks! ~Dragonstone P r i c e G u i d e ~ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *Tokens & Tickets* Donator Tokens: 15m Each Vote Tickets: 2m Each Pkp Tickets: 450k - 500k Each *Rares* Partyhat Set: 1B Partyhat & Specs: 300m Blue Partyhat: 200m White Partyhat: 200m Red Partyhat: 200m Purple Partyhat: 200m Green Partyhat: 200m Yellow Partyhat: 200m Black Partyhat: 500m Rainbow Partyhat: 500m Lava Partyhat: 350m Infernal Partyhat: 1B Santa Hat: 150m Black Santa Hat: 300m Inverted Santa Hat: 300m Mystery Boxes: 40m Dragonstone Boxes: 40m Ultra Mystery Boxes: 150m Infernal Mystery Box: 80m 3rd Age Pieces: 50m - 60m Each *Godwars * Bandos Chestplate: 100m Bandos Tassets: 100m Bandos Boots: 25m Bandos Hilt: 70m - 75m Godsword Shards: 10m Each Armadyl Chestplate: 75m Armadyl Chainskirt: 75m Armadyl Helmet: 35m Armadyl Hilt: 200m - 250m Godsword Shards: 10m Each Zamorakian Spear: 75m - 100m Staff of the Dead: 150m - 175m Zamorak Hilt: 50m - 60m Godsword Shards: 10m Each Saradomin Sword: 50m - 60m Armadyl Crossbow: 150m Saradomin Hilt: 100m - 150m *Raid Rewards* Elder Robe Hood: 20m - 25m Elder Robe Top: 25m - 30m Elder Robe Bottom: 25m - 30m Dragon Sword: 75m - 100m Dragon Harpoon: 50m - 60m Dragon Claws: 450m - 500m Ancestral Hat: 250m - 300m Ancestral Top: 500m - 525m Ancestral Bottom: 500m - 525m Dinh’s Bulwark: 100m - 130m Dragon Crossbow: 150m - 175m Elder Maul: 200m - 250m Kodai Insignia: 500m - 750m Twisted Buckler: 135m - 150m Twisted Bow: 1.5B - 2B Twisted Crossbow: 1.3B - 1.5B *Zulrah Drops* Tanzanite Fang: 350m - 400m Magic Fang: 100m - 150m Serpentine helm: 100m - 125m Tanzanite Mutagen (Cyan): 125m Tanzanite Mutagen (Red): 125m Uncut Onyx: 10 - 12m Zulrah Scales: 4k Each *Cerberus Drops* Pegasian Crystal: 100m Pegasian Boots: 150m Eternal Crystal: 35m - 40m Eternal Boots: 50m Primordial Crystal: 90m Primordial Boots: 100m *Corporal Beast Drops* Spectral Sigil: 200m Arcane Sigil: 475m Elysian Sigil: 600m Spirit Shield: 75m - 80m Holy Elixir: 100m - 110m Divine Sigil: 1B *Chaotic Weapons* Chaotic Longsword: 300m - 350m Chaotic Rapier: 375m - 400m Chaotic Crossbow: 275m - 300m Chaotic Staff: 275m - 300m *Barrows Items* Dharok’s Helm: 10m - 15m Dharok’s Platebody: 15m - 20m Dharok’s Platelegs: 15m - 20m Dharok’s Greataxe: 10m - 15m Guthan’s Helm: 10m - 15m Guthan’s Platebody: 10m - 15m Guthan’s Platelegs: 10m - 15m Guthan’s Warspear: 10m - 15m Verac’s Helm: 10m - 15m Verac’s Brassard: 10m - 15m Verac’s Plateskirt: 10m - 15m Verac’s Flail: 10m - 15m Torag’s Helm: 10m - 15m Torag’s Platebody: 10m - 15m Torag’s Platelegs: 10m - 15m Torag’s Hammers: 10m - 15m Karil’s Coif: 10m - 15m Karil’s Leathertop: 15m - 20m Karil’s Leatherskirt: 15m - 20m Karils Crossbow: 10m - 15m Ahrim’s Hood: 10m - 15m Ahrim’s Robe Top: 15m - 20m Ahrim’s Robe Skirt: 15m - 20m Ahrim’s Staff: 10m - 15m *Misc. Weapons and Gear* Abyssal Whip: 10m - 15m Abyssal Dagger: 80 - 100m Abyssal bludgeon: 100 - 150m Black mask: 50m Crystal shield: 25m - 30m Dragonfire shield: 50m - 75m Dragon full helm: 15m - 20m Dragon platelegs: 1m - 2m Dragon plateskirt: 1m - 2m Dragon chainbody: 2m - 3m Dragon platebody: 10m - 15m Dragon kiteshield: 40m - 45m Dragon warhammer: 225m - 250m Dragon halberd: 10m Dragon boots: 10m Darklight: 30m Kraken Tentacle: 75m - 100m Robin hood hat: 10m - 15m Recolored Robin hood hat: 20m - 25m Ranger’s tunic: 50m Ranger boots: 50m Heavy ballista: 90m Light ballista: 40m - 50m Dark bow: 45m Odium ward: 100m Infinity hat: 15m - 20m Infinity top: 5m - 10m Infinity bottom: 5m - 10m Infinity boots: 15m - 20m Infinity gloves: 2.5m - 5m Master wand: 85m - 100m Wizard boots: 1m - 2m Trident of the seas: 100m - 110m Trident of the swamp: 200m - 250m Malediction ward: 100m Dagon'Hai Hat: 35m - 40m Dagon'Hai Robe Top: 45m - 50m Dagon'Hai Robe Bottoms: 45m - 50m Staff of Light: 80m - 100m *Jewelry* Archers Ring: 15m Berserker Ring: 15m Seers Ring: 5m Warriors Ring: 5m Ring of the gods: 15m - 20m Treasonous ring: 15m - 20m Tyrannical ring: 15m - 20m Tormented bracelet: 40m Ring of suffering: 50m Ring of coins: 100m Ring of nature: 80m Ring of wealth: 45m - 50m Ring of wealth (i): 250m Amulet of Fury: 15m Amulet of torture: 75m Amulet of the damned: 50m Necklace of anguish: 50m Occult necklace: 40m - 50m Berserker necklace: 5m - 10m Zenyte shard: 45m *Pvp Armor & Gear* Vesta’s Chainbody: 80m - 85m Vesta’s Plateskirt: 80m - 85m Vesta’s Longsword: 100m - 125m Vesta’s Spear: 100m - 125m Statius Full Helm: 50m - 60m Statius Platebody: 70m - 75m Statius Platelegs: 70m - 75m Statius Warhammer: 100m - 125m Morrigan’s Leather Coif: 50m - 60m Morrigan’s Leather Body: 80m - 85m Morrigan’s Leather Chaps: 80m - 85m Morrigan’s Javelin: 500k Each Morrigan’s Throwing Axe: 500k Each Zuriel’s Hood: 45m - 50m Zuriel’s Robe Top: 80 - 85m Zuriel’s Robe Bottom: 80m - 85m Zuriel’s Staff: 60m - 75m *Supplies & Misc. Items* Magic logs: 10k Each Yew logs: 6k Each Dragon Arrowheads: 8k Each Dragon Dart Tips: 8k Each Runite Ore: 12k Each Adamantite Ore: 8k Each Sea turtles: 5k Each Manta rays: 6k Each Dark crab: 9k Each Angler fish: 10k Each Torstol: 9k - 10k Each Dwarf weed: 8k - 9k Each Lantadyme: 7k - 8k Each Candantine: 6k - 7k Each Snapdragon: 5k - 6k Each Kwuarm: 5k - 6k Each Avantoe: 4k - 5k Each Irit: 4k - 5k Each Toadflax: 3k - 4k Each Ranarr: 2k - 3k Each Super combat potions: 20k - 25k Each Antidote (++) : 8k - 10k Each AntiVenom: 12k Each AntiVenom+: 20k Each Superior Antifire Potion: 75k Each Stamina potions: 6k - 7k Each Dragon Darts: 10k Each Dragon Arrows: 10k Each Onyx Bolt (e): 5k Each Dragon Bolt (e): 4k Each Ruby Bolt (e): 4k Each Diamond Bolt (e): 2k Each Dragon Bones: 50k Each Dagannoth Bones: 75k Each Raurg Bones: 80k Each Superior Dragon Bones: 100k Each Crystal Key tooth: 1.5m Crystal Key loop: 1.5m Crystal Key: 3m Infernal Key Piece 1,2,3: 15m Infernal Key: 45m-50m
  4. A Bastion Potion is a potion that combines the properties of a ranging and super defence potion: Range will be boosted by 4 + 10% of the player's level (rounded down) Defence will be boosted by 5 + 15% of the player's level (rounded down) It can be made by a player with 80 Herblore. Use a cadantine on a vial of blood, then use a Wine of Zamorak on the unfinished Cadantine blood potion. The result? A fresh vial of Bastion Potion. A Battlemage Potion is a potion that combines the properties of a Magic and Super Defence Potion: Magic will be boosted by 4 + 10% of the player's level Defence will be boosted by 5 + 15% of the player's level It can be made by a player with 80 Herblore. Use a cadantine on a vial of blood, then use a Potato Cactus on the unfinished Cadantine Blood Potion. The result? A fresh vial of Bastion Potion. You can get vials of blood from completing the Theatre of Blood as a reward.
  5. Love the guide Vam, Thanks for taking the time to make this for us! Sorry if I was critical at first OCD kicked in 😞
  6. Kid Buu

    Big giveaway event

    Awaiting to see who wins these!
  7. Elder Chaos Druids have been added! Item noting w/ bank booths fixed + Unlockable raid prayers Full Update log; Augury & Rigour now must be unlocked before using them Arcane & Dexterous prayer scrolls can now be used to unlock the corresponding prayer Quick prayer versions of Augury & Rigour now require the proper stats & item unlock to be used Implemented server side data for all the newer OSRS emotes in the emote tab Fixed an exploit involving the reseting of a players XP counter Fixed the message for Chivalry telling players they needed 60 defence rather than the actual 65 defence required Fixed the message for Piety telling players they needed 65 defence rather than the actual 70 defence required Pvm Caskets 100% loots have been modified -50,000 - 100,000 coins for every Casket opened -No longer has a 100% chance to give a player Blood Money Removed the client sided progress on the Curse Prayer tab -The IDs for some of the buttons and such were overlapping already exisiting buttons -Most of the Curses would never be utilized within our server aside from turmoil/Soulsplit -Will add a custom prayer book in the future with prayers similar to Turmoil & Soulsplit & many useful prayers Elder Chaos Druids now use magic attacks & cast the proper spell Elder chaos druids are now aggressive & have a drop table The Elder Chaos Druids now spawn at the Chaos Altar located in 13 wilderness The Daily Reward Login interface has been removed and players now simply get a reward for logging in once every 24 hours Fried Mushrooms can now be eaten as food, healing 5 HP Fixed using items on the bank to Note or Un-note them
  8. Hello everyone. I figure its about time I formally introduce myself to the community! My name is Kid Buu. I am the sole owner & developer of Dragonstone. I have been playing RS for 16-17 years and RSPS for about 11-12 of those years. Shortly after I began playing RSPS I started learning how to host sources without even changing the names (lmao i was a leet leecher huh). I was just having fun though! I never knew It would turn into me learning to code or attempting to run a server in the future. Dragonstone is a huge passion project for me. It is a great opportunity for me to further my programming skills and gain a much larger understanding of the 317 and portions of the OSRS protocols. My main goal is to provide a quality server that is fun to play, is influenced by RS/OSRS, but has a much more custom, possibly even relaxed, feel. I'm glad you're all a long for the journey and I hope to see you all in game ASAP!
  9. One day soon come during a Solak mass 😛
  10. This is basically all quality of life updates minus the Ferocious Gloves and the item packing system being introduced into the game. All of these I feel were much needed and will help the server provide a better experience all around! 6/14/2020 ``` Blood Twisted Crossbow is now properly named within the server Fixed the equipment stats on the purple slayer helmet Fixed the equipment stats on feorcious gloves Vanguard armor pieces are now properly named within the server All colored Robin Hood Hats now have the proper stats & name Ferocious Gloves can now be equip Cursed Barrows Boxes are now named within the server Implemented an item/armor set packing/unpacking system. -Puts item & armor sets into boxes or takes them out of the packed box Vorkath now counts a undead npc Vorkath now counts as a dragon when using DHC or Lance -Puts item & armor sets into boxes or takes them out of the packed box Killing Vorkath now counts as a Blue Dragon for slayer tasks You can now dismantle Serpentine Helmets into 20,000 Zulrah Scales via the Dismantle Option in your inventory Ferocious gloves can now be crafted by using a hammer on a Hydra's leather or vise versa Added 2 fail-safes to the Ferocious Gloves crafting method -Checks if a player has inventory space to avoid any possible bug of players not receiving the gloves (worked flawlessly for me but you really know what can happen sometimes, somehow, someway) -Checks if the player actually has the Leather to avoid any possible cheating All Kalphite tasks besides KQ have been revamped -Tasks given are now leabeled "Kalphites" -You can now kill ANY KALPHITE for a Kalphite task given by ANY slayer master master Twisted Banshees can now be killed for any Banshee task given by any slayer master Armadyl Godwars Minions now count as Aviansie tasks. This includes; -Wingman Skree -Flight Kilisa -Flockleader geerin ```
  11. Theater of Blood. One of the final dungeons in the game where you can acquire many different end game pieces of equipment. The most notable drops from this dungeon are the Scythe of Vitur, Ghrazi Rapier, and the Avernic Defender. For this boss I highly recommend having full elite void (including all 3 helms) as that will take up the least amount of inventory spaces for gear switches. Granted if you do not have full elite void then Choosing your two best combat styles would be most suitable. For this raid if you do plan on using magic I suggest killing wilderness monsters/bosses until you obtain a rune pouch to hold your runes in. The runes you have for the highest mage spell would be your best option. The basic inventory for this raid should be similar to this (if you are wearing an ava's the entire way through). Changing out a few inventory slots for an ava's/magic cape/helmet wouldn't hurt. Granted you want to ensure that you have enough restoration potions for the first boss. Reason I say for the first boss is because after each boss there is a chest that you can open and use the points you accumulate during each boss fight to attain more potions/food supplies. Remember one thing though, you do not want to use all of your points as the points that you have at the end of the raid are what help you attain the more rare loot (not a guarantee just a better chance). After sorting out the inventory ensure you are ready for the fight of your life! The first boss, the Maiden, is fairly simple. Start off by attacking the boss and doing as much dps you can do. This boss will spawn little creatures at 3 different stages during the fight. These little beetles will spam heal the boss, meaning you must kill each of them off before being able to continue on. This boss fight will take some time if you are solo and not using very high tier gear. One you finish this boss, follow the corridor around the corner and you'll find your first supply chest. After filling back up on supplies go through the passageway, this is where you will meet the 2nd boss. For this boss, ensure you stay on the opposite side of the pillar in the center of the room while he is moving. If you get too close to the boss while he is still walking around you will take rapid damage and most likely die. This boss also has random body parts falling from the ceiling that if they land on you they will do up to 30 damage. The boss will eventually stop walking, at which point you will be able to attack him. Granted keep an eye out, while he is vulnerable to attack he will be knelt down. Once the boss starts to stand back up ensure you get back to the opposite side of the pillar if you do not want to take massive damage. Once you are finished with this room, leave through the passage opposite of the one you entered in from, here you will find another supply chest and the passageway to the 3rd boss. This boss is the trickiest boss, as this one has 3 different combat styles and recoil damage. In the picture you can see the boss is Green, this indicates it is in "Range" phase, while in range phase the boss can only be damaged by range attacks. The other two phases of the boss are Blue (Magic) and Silver/Grey (Melee) where in each respective phase the boss can only be damaged by that combat style. The boss will attack 3 times before changing combat styles, so after the 3rd attack animation is over will ensure you stop attacking and be ready to switch prayers and your attack style. This is the trickiest boss to fight in the entire raid, but if you can get past this one you have a very good chance of completing the rest of the raid. Once you finish this boss, double back the way you came in to this room and take the fork leading away from the passageway you entered from. There will be another supply chest, and of course the next passageway to the next boss. This boss is fairly simple, just dps him down. Every now and then the boss will send a large fireball towards the player, if the player is solo you will need to be ready to take up to 70 damage with magic protect on (Up to 99 without magic protect). If you are in a group, ensure you DD (Death Dot) on the player who the fireball is heading to, this way you can spread out the damage between all players instead of having one person take all the hits. Once this boss is dead, leave through the passageway and follow the corridor to the next boss room (of course filling up on supplies before entering the next boss). This boss has 3 phases, all 3 of which you must pay close attention to. Phase 1: Little Green Pools will spawn and rapidly heal the boss (the less he heals from these the less HP he has during the fight! So ensure you step on as many of these pools as you can.) By stepping on the pools you temporarily stop the healing the boss receives. After a short period of time the boss will spread its wings and then you must be prepared for a fight. This boss fight does no require any protection prayers as all the damage take in poison damage, but I find that magic protection slightly reduces the damage taken. Phase 2: During this phase you will want to attack the boss and then immediately move, unless you want to take 2-3 ticks of poison damage which can hit you for 5-9 damage per tick. After damaging the boss down to approximately 33% of his health is when he moves on to phase 3. Phase 3: Damage the boss as fast as you can, but watch out for darkened 3x3 patches around the arena, if you are attacking the boss while inside one of these 3x3 areas you will be hit with recoil damage equal to the damage you dealt while on the location. After the boss is dead, head to the next section where you will see a skeleton. TO BE ABLE TO COMPLETE THE NEXT BOSS YOU MUST SEARCH THIS SKELETON! After Searching the skeleton you will receive a Dawnbringer Staff. For the final boss you must equip Dawnbringer for the first phase of the fight otherwise you will deal no damage during the first phase. Refill on supplies as the next room is the final room, ensure you have enough supplies to last a long boss fight. With the Dawnbringer equipped, talk to the boss where the health bar will show up. You do not need runes for this part of the fight, just attack the boss. Ensure after each attack you move at least 3 spaces from your current location otherwise you will be hit with magic damage that hits 60+ even through magic protection! After you have defeated this phase of the final boss she will walk to the center of the room. While she is walking ensure you are preparing your best damage output! This phase is similar to the first, but also have another addition. Attacking the boss during this phase you want to ensure you are moving at least 1 space from your current location before attacking again, also at least 3 times during this phase the boss will spawn two scarab beetles. These two scarab beetles will damage if you attack the wrong one, and heal the boss if you don't attack the right one. (Always attack the smaller beetle, usually a red color, as this is the one that will heal the boss). After taking down this phase of the fight she will enter her final phase. The final phase of the boss will look like a giant spider creature hybrid basically. During this final phase you want to kite the boss around the room as much as possible, especially if in a group. The boss will focus on one target at a time, with melee and magic damage. Whoever is not being targeted by the boss should dps while the one being targetted is running around the room (kind of like kiting the saradomin godwars boss from corner to corner). If you are soloing, range would be your best option for this boss as you can always stay out of its attack range if done correctly. Once the boss is dead, the throne it was sitting on will turn into an entrance. Enter the treasure room where you will find a chest. Open the chest to receive your reward. Not far from the chest is a teleport crystal. This crystal will send you back to the main hall of the raids dungeon where you can regroup, resupply and get back into the lobby for another round. Good luck all on drops and be prepared for one of most fun and difficult raid dungeons Dragonstone has to offer!
  12. Somehow slipped my mind to post this update here, but it was posted on discord I apologize. <\3 6/11/2020 Added & recolored the item for the Referral Mystery Box Referral Mystery Box now functions as any other Mystery Box (Utilizing the system with the displayed spinner) The test slave system for mining has been complete. -5 mining options -Each option having a different time scaling depending on the ore being mined -Random amount of ore returned Referral code ::referral kid has been enabled within the server The minimum amount of Loyalty points given to each rank has been boosted Spiked Manacles now equip to the correct slot The new Maple Tree ID has been added to the woocutting tree configs -Tldr; ALL MAPLE TREES CAN BE CUT NOW Wilderness Event Bosses now have a longer respawn time. -Now a Random Between 35 and 70 mins -Previously 20-40mins Run energy is now set to 100 upon a player dying Falling Star spawns have been slightly revamped; -Most messages updated to provide a more clear location -3 spawns removed -Raids lobby spawn location added -Chaos altar spawn location changed to Chaos Temple (40 wild) All Strykewyrm tasks removed for the time being Using Infernal Weapons while fighting Ice Strykewyrms now deal double damage The restrictions when fighting Ice Strykewyrms should now properly function for all combat styles Granite maul (or) Now has requires 50 attack to wield it Onyx Bolt Tips can now be sold to the general shop Fixed K'ril having two rare drop table sections causing one to be completely unavailable -This made K'ril armour much more easy to get than it should have been -This also removed the chance to get Staff of the Dead or Zamorakian Spears Casket removed from K'ril's drop table Zamorak Mask now replaces the Armadyl Mask in K'rils droptable Charges in the Thammaron's Sceptre now save when a player logs out Imbued Saradomin, Guthix, & Zamorak Max cape hoods can now be equip The Equipment Requirements have been modified for the following items; -Elder Maul now requires 75 attack & 75 Strength, previously 87 Attack & Strength Kodai Wand now requires 75 magic Sanguinesti Staff now requires 75 magic Removed the random special bar from the Chaotic Crossbow All Dragon chainbodies now cover the players shoulder area ::rules now takes you to the newly posted rules ::forums now takes you to the new revamped forum page rther than our old out dated one Once a event boss dies it will now display the amount of damage you dealt towards it Players can now buy Berserker, Seers, Archer rings for 175 Loyalty Points Each Loyalty Shop has been heavily revamped -Items added/removed -Prices changed Combat Bracelet (5) & (6) can now be equip Combat Bracelet (6) is now available for purchase within the combat shop Astral runes & Wrath runes can now be stored in the rune pouch All verions of Craw's bow now requires 60 ranged Imbued/enchanted Craw'bos bow variants no longer require 4 runecrafting to be equip
  13. Hello everyone! The staff team & I have decided to host regular events based on player count goals. These goals will change as they are & will be consistently met and this thread will be updated with the new goals & rewards. Thank you to everyone who enjoys & supports Dragonstone. I hope these events are at least enough to show a little bit of our gratitude. 15 Players When we hit 15 players online the staff team & I will join the community for 2 hours of GWD mass & 2 hours of Chambers of Xeric mass! We will also be hosting a giveaway in which each player can enter twice to help boost the economy! 25 Players When we hit 25 players online the staff team & I will join the community for 3 hours of Nightmare/Event boss mass & 2 hours of Theatre of Blood mass! We will also be hosting a giveaway in which each player can enter twice to help boost the economy!
  14. This sunday; June 4th, 2020 we will be hosting a day of events in-game on top of the normal weekend events! This will include the following; Double Drops (Limited) Double PC points For Fathers day weekend the staff team & I wanted to try our best to do something special for everyone for the whole weekend of Friday June 19th - Sunday June 21st we will host the following events; DROP PARTY!! WHEN? SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! Sunday June 21st we will be hosting a very generous Drop Party for the community to celebrate all the fathers within our community & all communities around us. Whats that? Did someone say they more? NO PROBLEM FOLKS! Dragonstone has you covered this Fathers day weekend come join us for these amazing buffs on top of everything else! Double Drops (Limited) Double vote Points Bonus XP boost (Various amounts throughout the day) Double PC points
  15. Sirenic Armor Requires 90 Crafting to create Tier 90 Range armor; best Range equipment in game Created by using Sirenic scales on Algarum thread; creating it will offer 5,000 charges (full) Uncharging this will remove extra scales and make it tradeable again Boots and gloves do not need to be recharged once created Seren Godbow Requires 90 Crafting to create Tier 90 Range weapon; strongest bow in-game Does not need arrows to fire Created by combining the Seren Godbow (unf) and the Seren Godbow Stock To charge this players will need 100 Sirenic Scales which gives 3000 charges (full) to the weapon Players can remove extra charges anytime in order to make the bow tradeable again. Doing so will remove extra scales
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