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Kid Buu

With these updates, the servers a better place. 6/15/2020

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Elder Chaos Druids have been added!


Item noting w/ bank booths fixed + Unlockable raid prayers



Full Update log;

Augury & Rigour now must be unlocked before using them
Arcane & Dexterous prayer scrolls can now be used to unlock the corresponding prayer
Quick prayer versions of Augury & Rigour now require the proper stats & item unlock to be used
Implemented server side data for all the newer OSRS emotes in the emote tab
Fixed an exploit involving the reseting of a players XP counter
Fixed the message for Chivalry telling players they needed 60 defence rather than the actual 65 defence required
Fixed the message for Piety telling players they needed 65 defence rather than the actual 70 defence required
Pvm Caskets 100% loots have been modified
-50,000 - 100,000 coins for every Casket opened
-No longer has a 100% chance to give a player Blood Money
Removed the client sided progress on the Curse Prayer tab
-The IDs for some of the buttons and such were overlapping already exisiting buttons
-Most of the Curses would never be utilized within our server aside from turmoil/Soulsplit
-Will add a custom prayer book in the future with prayers similar to Turmoil & Soulsplit & many useful prayers
Elder Chaos Druids now use magic attacks & cast the proper spell
Elder chaos druids are now aggressive & have a drop table
The Elder Chaos Druids now spawn at the Chaos Altar located in 13 wilderness
The Daily Reward Login interface has been removed and players now simply get a reward for logging in once every 24 hours
Fried Mushrooms can now be eaten as food, healing 5 HP
Fixed using items on the bank to Note or Un-note them


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