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    • Thank you for having me @Kid Buu. Can't wait to jump in and start grinding.   Happy Gaming and Stay Safe! -Rarely
    • Welcome Rarely.  Thank you for your service to your wonderful country! Dragonstone will have low rate exp modes available which sound perfect for you! Hope you enjoy your stay here. 
    • This makes me sad, but its the smart play and better for the server. Hope to see everyone on the beta server! Lets try to get the community established more than it already is. The server has had a lot of amazing updates and content additions since the beta initially closed so I highly recomend checking it out!
    • Hello everyone. I know we were excited to launch today, unfortunately that can not happen. To sum it up, My workplace had put us on mandatory 6 day weeks until further notice shortly after the launch announcement. I still planned to carry on the launch, however, that is a terrible idea. I attempted to get out of the extra days this week however, it just wasn't possible. Simply put; I can not develop & manage the sever to any type of decent standard with one day a week which I could dedicate to the server. I wouldn't even be around for the second, third, fourth day of launch which are valuable days to establish a real community & fix issues that come with a larger player base. This delay kills me to announce but ensures Dragonstone is everything it can be when we finally do launch. I would hate to let this last year or so of work & planning to go down the drain quicker than we can blink. The beta server will be reopening later today and will be announced in the Discord. I will begin to push project threads on some community forum pages to gain some attention and will still continue to develop the server with basically all of my free time until I have a break from real life to launch our wonderful server.  Wishing you all the best & I hope to see you guys back on the Beta. Thank you for your continued support of Dragonstone.
    • Hello everyone! My Username is Rarely. You can call me Rarely, Rare or Lee. I'm 24 years old. I'm married with no kids. I'm currently in the process of Transitioning out of the Army. I've done 6 years too many, and really look forward to getting out. I've played Runescape as whole since 2007 and Private Servers since 2010. I've always played as a Skiller with little to no interest in the combat skills. Collecting resources and grinding that Exp has always been my passion. That's a little about me, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! IGN: Rarely Discord: Rarely#0001 Forums: @Rarely   Happy Gaming and Stay Safe! -Rarely
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