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  2. Hey lads my names George, IGN : uldemon 26/M Live in Aussie Land, Work as a forklift operator and Receivals Manager on night shift for a big company come home and play this in my spare time! always been off and on with RS since i was about 12 from OSRS/Rs3/Private servers ETC
  3. Updates to the PKP shop would be good for sure 🙂 could make people actually think about killing in the wilderness then
  4. Good stuff cant wait to see the upcoming fixes and updates.
  5. In-Game Staff Application Name: George Age: 26 In-game Username: uldemon Discord Username: uldemon Location: Australia Timezone: +8 gmt Languages: English How long have you played Dragonstone? (Please include screenshot of :screenshot of time played): month + How many hours do you play a day?: 6+ minimum Why do you want to be a member of the Staff team?: To help new and existing players enjoy there experience Do you have any skills that could be of benefit to the server?: Knowledge gained from questions asked to VAM8 constantly + online alot Also working nights Means i can be on early hours of the morning for my timezone which is good for other timezones If you were a helper... What would you do if you saw someone spamming?: Ask them to stop and give them a warning if repeated after a couple warmings then issue a mute What would you do if someone was severely flaming a player?: again ask them to stop, tell the person to add them to ignore. and Give warning , if proceeded i would then Mute What would you do if you found or were informed about duped items?: Inform Buu/vam8 straight away and ::jail whoever was involved until it was resolved. also find out any information on how it works so it can be patched. Would you be willing to help host events, or event host events of your own?: yeah for sure, such as raids / pest control sundays etc If you do not abide by the rules of Dragonstone and uphold the duties that are expected of you It can & will result in a demotion. Do you understand and accept these conditions? yes Yes: I Uldemon understand and accept. Only thing i do not have is +15 posts on the forums which i will work on as i just made a forum account.
  6. Hello. Sorry for the delay since our last update post. I was gone for 5 days last week due to my Girlfriend planning a last minute surprise vacation/road trip for my birthday. Since getting back I've been working hard to fix a lot of issues I feel our holding us back for multiple reasons & a lot of QoL changes. Here's the first wave! Updates & Changes Climbing Boots (g) can now be equip Rune Scimitar ornament kits can now be used on Rune Scimitars Coin rewards from clue scrolls have been greatly decreased Fixed all Turoth animations (attack, block, death) All Turoth variants have the proper droptable Clue Scrolls now give the correct Thieving Bag Players can now activate the special attack of the Vorkath Blowpipe Revenant drop tables have received another revamp Toxic Staff of the Dead & Staff of Light can now autocast Ancients Toxic Staff of the Dead has had its Magic attack bonus corrected Thammaron' Sceptre can now autocast ancients Torn Master Clue pieces can now be combined by using the click option -Players will be sent a message if they do not have all 3 pieces required The dialouge has been fixed when using the clue peices on each other by hand All droprate modifiers have been revamped and rebalanced
  7. Entering barrows chest area, disables map orbs. Killing skeletons in catacombs, sometimes forces you in to walls, need to tele out then. Gargoyles in slayer tower, when you're face north forces you to moonwalk backwards, till wall hit or out of range. Blessings doesn't work as god wars item in the dungeon. Clicking PvM caskets too fast doesn't give the loot, if its more then one casket clicked. Can't leave god wars chambers, once entered, you need KC.
  8. Just a small update to fix various bugs, Hope we all enjoy! Working on lots of content & fixes for the next one! Players will now have Trading Post variables reset when teleporting away from the Post Message sent when item degrades now names the proper NPC to reclaim the item. (Perdu) The stats have been fixed on the Infinity Gloves 3rd Age Longsword now requires 65 Attack to be worn Manta Rays now require 81 fishing to catch instead of 91 Imbued Heart Timer has been added Implemented a command to check the time left on players Bonus XP books Implemented ::claimvote; Works the same as ::claimvotes Saradomin GWD minions no longer hit through prayer Kandarian helmets, clown mask, snow imp masks now cover a players full head
  9. Starter Guide For Dragonstone Step 1: Picking the right account Ironman: No trading with others Ultimate Ironman: No Bank and No Trading Hardcore Ironman: 1 Life only, if you die you become a Normal Ironman. No trading. Group Ironman: Group Ironman will allow you to trade with friends in a group of up to 4, including yourself. This feature is limited to trading with each other, not other players within the server. Step 2: Picking experience rate/Drop rate % Step : 3 Getting to know the home area A couple steps north of the starting point you will find the Dragonstone Teleporter. This will teleport players to any monster, boss, or minigame location! Beside the Dragonstone Teleporter is a Referral Chest where players can claim a reward based on how they found the server! A few short steps south west and you will be at the Slayer Masters, Any player who wants to start out with PVM is suggested to grab a slayer task from Turael right when they start. You want to grab a task from Turael because he is the "easy" Slayer Master, meaning easy to kill tasks. Around home you will find various shops. Some of these stops have changing stock depending on your Game Mode! You can obtain points from PVM, Bossing, Skilling or just about any other action in-game. These points can be spent at the Point Reward shop! Obtain PVM points by killing monsters within the server. Bossing points are obtained by killing bosses. Skilling points are obtained from training non-combat skills. We also have a very diverse Vote Point shop to reward players for using the ::vote command to help our server grow! This shop is located inside the home bank. If you head back towards the Slayer Masters you will find the following; Trading Post (Global trading system) Untradeable Reclaim: Many players join Dragonstone & ask us the rewards or drops from NPCs/Mystery Boxes. Luckily for you, we have interfaces for those things found INSIDE of the Quest Tab! To be continued... ENJOY!
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    bump where the memessssss
  11. Nightmare Rewrite Upon having a larger test pool than Vam & Myself a few issues popped up within the backend of Nightmare that caused some in-game issues. I dedicated the time to completely rewrite & customize the lobby system & mechanics behind the Nightmare. The lobby system has been replaced & improved greatly. Only one Nightmare fight may now be happening within the server at a time. This is a by choice mechanic and not some type of hot-fix for those wondering. Server announcement have been added when a team beats or gets defeated by the Nightmare A reward interface has now been implemented (require a client update) Items are now lost on death but reclaimed via Shura Players who die are now kicked out of the boss fight as well Ultra Mystery Box release! After a large delay due to a number of things needed addressed before hand, ULTRA MYSTERY BOXES ARE NOW AVAILABLE! These boxes are currently only available through the Donation Store but provide great rewards. The collection log for this box has been also been added, including all 61 rewards available! With the release of these boxes a few mid-tier items have been added to the donation store at a seemingly fair price. Client changes: New Loading Screen implemented! Sprites added Number of player crowns available increased
  12. Hi everyone, content is being added bit by bit as I gather info, be aware that is it still incomplete 🙂 Before using this guide: All tables are screenshots sourced from osrs wiki as it's harder to format them within this forum post I will not provide XP for each action or hourly rates — I've tried to compare XP bonuses from XP Boosts / starter cape / skill outfits / bonus XP / Well XP boost and can't determine an exact formula for calculations; same goes for the difference between account XP rates, I can't find an exact number that serves as base XP to simply x4 or x25 on (I really tried, reach out to me and I'll share my calculations 😂) If anything is wrong or inaccurate, please let me know! This guide is NOT a step-by-step, do X at level Y guide, most of the locations are near banks anyway so it should be fairly straightforward Please use Ctrl+F to find whatever you want 😛 General Information / Useful links Skilling points can be earned randomly while skilling and can be spent at the point shop east of the teleporter at home The skilling shop can be found at home, north west of the teleporter Skilling outfit pieces give a small boost to your XP gained OSRS Wiki : Reference for XP needed per level todo Crafting Runecrafting Thieving Agility Prayer Woodcutting / Firemaking Information Train woodcutting by chopping trees with an axe Train firemaking by burning logs with a tinderbox Infernal axes don't require charging once it's created, so get one ASAP! This table applies to both WC and FM 🙂 Locations West of home area (towards Grand Exchange) Normal Willow Farming Teleport Teleports -> Skilling -> Farming Normal Oak Willow South of Woodcutting Guild Teleports -> Skilling -> Woodcutting Guild -> Run south and follow the path all the way Normal Oak Willow Magic Seer's Village Teleports -> Cities -> Camelot -> Run West Normal Oak Willow Yew (south of bank, not in picture) Magic (don't chop these, use another location) Woodcutting Guild (click me) (60 Woodcutting) Teleports -> Skilling -> Woodcutting Guild Normal Oak Willow Maple Yew Magic Redwood Mining / Smithing Information Train mining by mining ore with a pickaxe Train smithing by smelting bars and smithing equipment with metal Only one coal is required to smelt any bar that requires coal Infernal pickaxe smelts your ore into a bar and you get to keep it but you must have coal in order to make mithril, adamantite and runite bars Infernal pickaxe does not require charges once it's created I'm not sure if blast mine works, don't know where to get dynamite to test it Mining Smithing Locations Mining Guild (Click me) Teleports -> Skilling -> Mining Guild Coal Mithril Adamantite Runite Amethyst Exit the guild to find: Copper Tin Iron Coal Gold Mithril Adamantite Motherload Mine (30 Mining) Teleports -> Skilling -> Motherlode Mine Pay-dirt can be any ore from Coal to Adamantite or a golden nugget (~less than 10 ore per inventory won't be coal) Veins will never deplete Infernal Pickaxe only acts as a regular pickaxe Upper floor and agility shortcuts don't work You can only deposit when standing next to hopper as pathing will not automatically bring you to the hopper The hopper might not display the accurate amount of ore if you log out with ore inside, I recommend clearing the sack once you hit ~200+, sack seems to cap out at around 305 Best mining XP rates North-West of DZ ::dz command -> Run North-West Coal Mithril Adamantite Runite Gems South of EDZ ::edz command -> Run South Iron Mithril Runite Gems Land's End Teleport -> Skilling -> Land's End Gems Furnace and anvil locations North of home Varrock West ::dz ::edz Hunter Information I don't think the larupia outfit has any effect How to hunt: place trap and wait for animal to walk into trap You can place the following number of traps simultaneously based on your hunter level: Birds (bird snare) Chinchompas (box trap) Hunter shop (found at hunter teleport) Locations South of Woodcutting Guild / North of Land's End Teleports -> Skilling -> Hunter Crimson Swifts Golden Warblers Copper Longtails Cerulean Twitches Tropical Wagtails Chinchompas Red Chinchompas Wilderness Spot Teleports -> Wilderness -> Revenants -> Run south and a little east until you see a pond in the grassy area Black Chinchompas You can place an additional trap in the wilderness regardless of your level North-West of EDZ ::edz command Black chinchompas
  13. Plenty of people have been wondering where the Shadow Beast spawns once announced & there's never a solid answer because the spawn is random and is meant for players to hunt down before the other player/group locates it. Location 1: East of Vennenatis Location 2: West of Greater Demons (Demonic Ruins) Location 3: East of Wilderness agility
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  15. Hell yeah! These the updates we talking about. Keep em coming buu
  16. Revenants Caves have received a HUGE revamp due to players seeing it as the "meta". While I intended for Revenants to be a good source of supplies and high-tier armor I had no intentions on this being the only thing people wanted to grind. We have a vast variety of content and will do everything to ensure the balance & not one early-mid game spot is more worth doing than end-game content, unless its for a specific reward. I have also been working on a number of larger fixes that are not yet complete with some more "backend" things within the server. I am hoping to have these things finished ASAP and focus more on the content we have planned for everyone! Certain items now degrade in combat and require repairs at Predu; -Amulet of Avarice - 500 attacks - 1,000,000 from 0% -Morrigans Armour Pieces - 1500 attacks - Top & Bottom 400k from 0%. Coif 250k from 0% -Statius Armour Pieces - 1500 attacks - 450K from 0% -Statius Warhammer - 500 Attacks - 550k from 0% -Vesta's Armour Pieces - 1500 attacks - 500K from 0% -Vesta's Longsword - 1500 attacks - 75k from 0% -Vesta's Spear - 1500 attacks - 500K from 0% -Zuriel's Armour Pieces - 1500 attacks - 500K from 0% -Zuriel's Staff - 1500 attacks - 550K from 0% Fixed using items on Perdu to quick-repair Fixed the pricing calculation for the repair cost of items not 100% drained Statius Warhammer special now drains the targets defence, similar to a Dragon Warhammer Fixed the spear attack animations. (One animation for all styles atm, will implement style animations) Fixed the data being sent when wearing a Vesta Spear to show the proper attack styles and the missing special bar All Revenants now respawn at a rate of 40 seconds All Revenants now have the proper combat stats to match the OSRS revenant NPC's Revenant Imp spawns have been added around their proper area of the caves Fixed some outdated loot tables on the teleport interface Fixed an issue causing NGF raid teleport data to load over The Nightmare when Nightmare was selected. Issues with NGF raid reward interface have been resolved Updated the Vorkath Head ID used to create the Vorkath Blowpipe within the Upgrade Table
  17. After much consideration your staff application has been declined. Feel free to apply again once you have more game knowledge and are actively playing the server. Thank you for applying.
  18. Dragonstone's new raid has finally arrived! This raid is intended for early-mid game content as it is simple & straight forward. The common rewards cater 100% to early game while the rare rewards can be used throughout your grind! The best rewards from this raid include; Flamburst Weaponry - These weapons are mid-tier weapons that are used along side Occult armor sets. The weapons start as a "fury" weapon & must be dyed to achieve the other versions. Weapons include; Flamburst Bow Flamburst Sword Flamburst Staff Occult Armor of fury - Random chance to unleash fury on your enemy, dealing passive damage over time. Set effect, (Helmet, Platebody, Platelegs, Weapon) When transformed into Nature set - Random chance to heal yourself during combat. Set effect, (Helmet, Platebody, Platelegs, Weapon) When transformed into Grace set - Random chance to restore prayer during combat. Set effect, (Helmet, Platebody, Platelegs, Weapon) Nature Dye -Transforms one Occult Fury piece into a Occult Nature piece Graceful Dye - Transforms one Occult Fury piece into a Occult Grace piece THE LACK OF INFORMATION ON THE NEW RAID IS DUE TO THE FACT WE ARE WORKING ON AN IN-DEPTH GUIDE TO INCLUDE MECHANICS & LOOT RATES. THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING. A ton of minor changes have also been done over the course of the last week heres a quick peak; Fixed an issue when dying with 200m capes + Salve amulet variants All Sire weapon drops (obliteration, decimation, etc) have had their effect limited to Sire & Corp only Collection log entry added for the Nature's Graceful Fury Obliteration, decimation, and ahnilation have had their effect fix -The specials will now only activate against Abyssal Sire or Corporeal Beast Donation Promotion interface has been removed for the time being -Replaced with a simple Promotion System that applies when a player types ::claim -May be permanent and the interface may be repurposed once I solidify the backend of the system to eliminate flaws Chest Room removed from Chambers of Xeric Aggro timer system has been expanded to effect a few more NPCs
  19. Can't wait to meet you all 🙂
  20. Bump. Plenty of rewards still to be claimed
  21. Great suggestions, keep 'em coming! Some of these are already in the works so we'll consider those pre-approved. 😉
  22. Welcome Classical. Hope you enjoy your stay here at Dragonstone and I'm looking forward to meeting you in-game!
  23. Thought I'd drop by and say my hello officially on the forum 🙂 Classical, I enjoy playing anything MMO, RPG in my spare time but mainly been playing a load of World War Z cross-platform with some buddies. (if anyone plays Xbox & has any game I got I'm happy to cross-platform) and get a group going or something? 🙂 I'm 28, and currently waiting for my third child to come into this beautiful world. Hope to see most of you around in-game, seen some of you so far, hopefully meet some more awesome people ❤️
  24. Appreciate the help always 👍🏻
  25. Awesome guide Dragonrock! I'll get a for sure list of what those other capes do for you!
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