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  2. Very nice guide. Much needed. Thanks for the contribution Vam!
  3. Arcane Spirit Shield: +20 Magic Bonus. (1/599 Droprate from Corporeal Beast) Elysian Spirit Shield: 30% Chance to block 25% of incoming damage. (1/850 Droprate from Corporeal Beast) Spectral Spirit Shield: Reduces damage dealt by the Summoned Souls at Cerberus. (1/599 Droprate from Corporeal Beast) Divine Spirit Shield: Reduces incoming damage by 20% but drains your prayer by 16% of damage dealt. (1/599 Droprate from Corporeal Beast) Reflective Spirit Shield: Has a 1/5 chance to reflect 15% damage back to attacker. (1/299 Droprate from Shadow Beast) Shadow Spirit Shield: Has a 1/5 chance to send out a "Shadow Blast" that does 0-20 damage. (1/299 Droprate from Shadow Beast) Siphon Spirit Shield: Has a 1/5 chance to heal for 15% of damage dealt. (1/450 Droprate from Shadow Beast)
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    Hi There!

    Hi Everyone! My name is chaos, Im 22 years old and ive been playing runescape and runescape private servers since i was around 11! As a player im going to strive to be active in this forum community and on discord. If anyone has any questions feel free to message me in game on on the community discord :D
  5. Void Knight Champion teleport has been removed Chambers of Xeric lobby timer has been reduced to 30 seconds Theatre of Blood lobby timer has been reduced to 30 seconds Removed the Crown from the Upgrade Table Removed the third click option on the in-game hiscore scoreboard object Crystal Halberd special now works with the updated ID Every single instance of awarding players a Crystal Halberd has been changed to the updated ID Bonus Skill event had been reduced to a 15% EXP boost Solak's Max health has been reduced to 2500 Respawn timers of Solak and Dalek have been reduced to 2 minutes Fixed some incorrect "Possible Rewards" within the teleport interface Deep Sea fishing teleport has been removed (Removing deep sea fishing entirely in the future & revamping the fish obtained, adding uses etc) ________________ ToB Changes ________________ Maiden: -Maiden now only spawns the Blood Spiders once, at 40% HP left -Blood Spiders now heal a random amount of 5-15. Previously was 10-15 Bloat: -The max hit of Bloats Flies has been reduced by 3 -Increased the amount of time Bloat stays "shutdown" by 5 -Reduced the max amount of stpes Bloat has to walk before shutting down by 4 Nylocas Vasilias -Now changes forms after 5 attacks, not 3
  6. Its been a busy week not only finishing our original updates but pushing fixes to the issues, bugs and minor flaws reported by our loyal players. Thank you for all the dedication and patience over this extended development period. Updates & Changes: Rune Pouch is now safe within Inferno Players Online Counter has been visually fixed within the Generl Tab Zamorak GWD minions now use the proper attack styles Zamorak GWD minions no longer hit through prayer Fixed the stats on K'ril's spawns throughout the server Kree'Arra max hit has been adjusted to match OSRS across all attack styles. Protect from Magic now divides incoming damage from Kree'Arra's magic attack by 3. (30 damage / 3 = 10 damage) The NPC stats of Kree & his minions have been updated to match OSRS Wrath Runes can now be stored in a Rune Pouch Elite Clue Scroll drops from PVM now provide the correct ID Skotizo now drops working Hard Clue scrolls Skilling nodes now provide working clues Sack of Effigys now has a proper effect implemented -Increases the chance of receiving clues from PVM -Increases the chance of receiving clues from Fishing -Increases the chance of receiving clues from Mining -Increases the chance of receiving clues from Woodcutting Prospector set XP boost effect has been completely and rewrote from scratch -Each piece now provides 5% boost to Mining XP while worn Mining Clue rate has been slightly readjusted. -With & without sack of effigys Lumberjack set XP boost effect has been completely and rewrote from scratch -Each piece now provides 5% boost to Woodcutitng XP while worn Angler set XP boost effect has been completely and rewrote from scratch -Each piece now provides 5% boost to Fishing XP while worn Darklight is now sold within the Slayer shop for 325 Slayer Points Expeditious Bracelet is now sold within the Slayer shop for 25 points All Slayer Point rewards from all Masters and consecutive streaks have been revamped ________________________ Skilling Changes _________________________ Fishing: -Can no longer get Angler pieces while fishing -Clues & the pet now roll on separate loot occasions -Heron added to Skilling Pet system -Each Mineral has had its own individual pet chance added & pet given based on this chance -Sack of Effigies makes Clues appear more often Mining: -Simple new system implemented to handle the chance of receiving Clue Geodes -Each Mineral has had its own individual pet chance added & pet given based on this chance -Sack of Effigys makes Clues appear more often -Skilling points are gained less often -Nerfed the amount of Skilling points given per instance Woodcutting: -Receiving clue nests now happens more often -Sack of Effigys makes Clues appear more often
  7. Short-term beta As we began to ramp up advertisement as we approach a launchable state, some people have requested a beta. The staff team has decided to answer your requests! As of today our Short-Term open beta is live. The plan is only be live for 7-10 days, fix the issues, work on the suggestions and launch shortly after closing. The beta could be extended however. Lets see how this goes! To play the beta visit https://dragonstone317.com/clientResources/BetaLauncher.jar Full Update log from last post (no media as of post time, post wasn't planned) Fixed some issues with Skill specific XP boosting items Removed the Edgeville boundary restrictions on Magic Skillcape spellbook swapping Tektus changes: -85 Combat required to enter Tektus Minigame -Tektus' blood drain attack now has a max hit of 15 instead of 20. -Fixed the animation on the Blood Drain attack -Corrected minion spawn locations -Implemented Tektus' new Aura Sphere attack -Players can no longer set up a cannon inside of the Tektus Arena -High tier donators can no longer use ::bank inside of the Tektus Arena 15x & 5x EXP modes have been removed from the game 4x & 12x EXP modes have began to be implemented (Group ironman will now load the 4x EXP mode) Players no longer lose runes from their rune pouch when dying inside of intstances minigames or boss areas Craws bow will on longer remove arrows when being shot (Already didn't need the arrows to use, nor did it draw strength from the arrows Reward Raritys of pickpocketting have been revamped to further further intice players while maintaining a stabilized economy One-Click Clue Scrolls have been implemented Barbarian fishing now sends players a message telling them they require a Metal Fishing Rod Fly Fishing Rod can no longer be used for Barbarian Fishing Tweaked the XP of Strength XP gained from Barbarian Fishing Fixed an issue with server sided global object spawns Fixed an Incorrect Boundary for one of the Nightmare totems Revamped the starter tutorial to make it MUCH shorter than before Fixed some errors within the new dialouges of the starter tutorial Removed "Elite" XP mode (2x) Revamped all remaining XP modes -Grind mode introduced: 12x Rates -Challenge Mode introduced: 4x Rates -Normal Mode revamped: 87x Combat Rates. 25x Skilling Rates All dialogues, interfaces and buttons have been updated to reflect these changes NPCs around home have been rearranged to further declutter things Players now force save after changing their appereance via make-over mage interface. -This is to further ensure new players account renders on the ironman configuration interface Players can no longer click NPCs while in the tutorial stages Ultra Mystery Box loot tracker (Latest loot) has been implemented Ultra & Vote Mystery boxes have now been named properly within the server Vote Mystery Boxes are now stackable Vote Mystery Box has has the visible colors flipped to be more appealing to players eyes Dragonstone Penguin pet has been implemented Fixed base XP for things caught within the box trap (Chins) Vote Mystery Box loot tracker (Latest loot) has been implemented Blood Mystery Box loot tracker (Latest loot) has been implemented Beta Tester rank has been implemented Beta Tester rank now properly loads its crown Beta Tester rank can now use ::yel with a 60 second cooldown Cost of the first donator rank has been boosted from $5 (5 tokens) to $10 (10 tokens) The task assignment buttons within the Quick Slayer interface have finally been finished and implemented Herb farming timers have been revamped (shortended by quite a bit) Expeditous Bracelet has been implemented Expidtious Bracelet and Bracelet of Slaughter now have Hover Menus PvM point & Loyalty point shops have been slightly revamped A new Starter Dungeon has been introduced Black Robe now properly counts as a Fullbody _____________________________ Battlepass updates & Changes _____________________________ Finished the XP scaling chart for level 5-30 (Subject to change in the future) Began writing more rewards to finish out the system "Tiers 1-10" text now changes depending on what tiers are being viewed Rune Pouch is now safe within Inferno Players Online Counter has been visually fixed within the Generl Tab Zamorak GWD minions now use the proper attack styles Zamorak GWD minions no longer hit through prayer Fixed the stats on K'ril's spawns throughout the server
  8. We're getting closer everyday my friend!
  9. What a massive update! Love to see it and can't wait for launch!!
  10. While we were planning on a January 2021 launch there have been certain bugs or pieces of content that I have recently started work on that wont be finished in time. I have dedicated as much time as I possibly can leading up to this point but being a one-man team with only our great friend Vam8 as a tester currently, things are coming along as quickly as possible but still not quickly enough. Enjoy this look at all the updates & changes recently! Heres to Launching by February 25th, 2021! Assorted Media! Update log! Slayer system interfaces have received a complete overhaul Barrows reward interface has been implemented client & server sided XP Counter is now 100% customizable Customizations made to the XP Counter now save upon logging out or closing your client _____________________________________________________________________________ Began writing & designing the new Nightmare interfaces -One these interfaces house the old floating HP bars for the totems found in all four corners of the map -New Interface houses a brand new HP bar for Nightmare ________________________________________________________ Obelisk teleport location selection has been implemented Selecting a teleport location at an Obelisk now requires completetion of Wilderness hard diary Regular mode XP rates have been changed -Melee, Range & Magic are now set to 87x -Every other skill is now set to 25x Slightly adjusted the formula on the Starter Sword Cockatrice have had all their combat stats adjusted to match OSRS Receiving double xp drops for non-combat skills has ben resolved Ruby Bolt special now works properly Vesta Spear & Ruby boly special attack no longer have reduced damage against Corporeal Beast Ranged throwing items now deplete properly, with or without avas The NPC stats of Cave Horror have been adjusted to match OSRS Cave Horror have had the proper special attack implemented to their combat script; -1/4 chance to activate -Guaranteed to do 10% of your maximum health unless praying melee Added multiple new game timers including; -Super antifire -Divine Potion variants Fixed HP orbs they will now change color if venomed or poisoned Updated packet sizes Finished implementing the player lookup interfaces Black Masks can now be imbued via the slayer interface Began implementing an updated quest tab (Still a WIP) Fixed an error with losing bronze-adamant defenders on death Completely removed the collection log system & interface Implemented a brand new Collection Log System -This system is much cleaner, simpler & all around better The new tab switching buttons inside the Quest Tab now function properly Achievement Tab has been rewritten to match the most recent version I have implemented -Has icons of the items gained beside the name of the area -Names change color depending on amount of diaries completed -If provinces completed = 0 text will be red -if provinces completed > 0 text will be green All buttons within the new quest tab function properly All buttons within the statistics tab now function properly Quick Link tab has been added & replaces the old magnifying glass tab Began revamping loot table of all boxes Began revamping visible loot table of all boxes in the loot table interface Revamped the interface components for the shopping interfaces Tome of Fire now works correctly Tzrek-zuk pet has been added & is now obtainable from killing tzkal-zuk or gambling your inferno capes Fixed Box Trap catch animation after catching something (was flickering) Charging Crystal tools no longer resets the counter for Crystal bow, Shield, or Halberd Fixed the range projectile on Dragon Knives Implemented Special attack for Dragon Knives Dragon Knives now offer the correct amount of ranged strength (30) Morrigan's Thrown Axes now offer the correct amount of ranged strength (117) Morrigan's Javelins now offer the correct amount of ranged strength (145) Morrigans Javelins & Throwing axes have been fully implemented -Count as a range weapon -Have a Special attack -Load proper combat interface -Special attack button implemented and functioning Amount of Pest Control points rewarded at the end of a game boosted to 7 -Boosted to 14 with one point reward buff axtive -Boosted to 21 with two point reward buffs active Coin reward of Pest control is now randomized between 25,000 and 50,000 Bracelet of Etherum now blocks 75% of damage when fighting Revenant NPCs -Previously blocked 100%. -Changed to match OSRS and provide balance to the game Home teleport location is now closer to the bank, but not much farther from the Dragonstone Teleporter All variants of the home teleport now teleport you to the same location Brimstone Chest has been implemented with semi-custom loot table Brimstone Chest spawn added to home Slayer Key Chest spawn removed Implemented a Broadcast system similar to OSRS -Yellow announcement messages above chatbox Implemented a brand new quick-task slayer interface -Interface intended for Donator use -Color of text on Task selection buttons changes depending on Combat level, to show real-time difficulty of task being selected -Displays Slayer points -Displays Cancel cost of task. This also changes text & color depending on the players donator rank. Replaced the "Coming soon" orb with a brand new Quick Slayer orb used for opening the brand new Quick Task interface Implemented precautions within the client to prevent it from displaying above 100 or under 0 Organized and cleaned up some of the crowns displayed in the General, Personal & Event tabs Fixed an issue with your character not displaying on the Starter Interface Worked on the timer display of the following events -Bonus Skill -Event Bosses -Wilderness Event Bosses -Bloody Chest Fixed the equip requirement of the following items -All Throwing Knives -Armadyl Armour set (GWD) Players can no longer get a Hydra Slayer task below 95 slayer Updated API & API key for all server-sided functions using EverythingRS The following items now properly count as Full Masks: -Larupia Hat -Cyclops Mask -Tektus Helmet Further replaced/fixed the Box Trap anim (Multiple available, "Old" IDs I tried previously worked, depending on the person & on the region?? weird. Idk) Rearranged the Slayer Master spawns at home to Include Konar quo Maten The Buy Interface brought up through Slayer Master Dialogue has been updated to match the newest Slayer interface Konar quo Maten has been implemented as a Slayer Master Monsters now have a 1/320 chance to drop Brimstone Keys while being killed on a Slyer task from Konar Basilisk Knights can now count towards Basilisk tasks from ANY Slayer Master Nieve can no longer given Rune or Adamant Dragon Slayer tasks Solak tasks now come in the count of 1-3 All NPCs within the Infenro minigame have had their stats corrected (Max hit, Attack, Defence, Stregth, Ranged bonus etc) -Jaltok-Jad has had its max hit reduced to 62 To allow our Inferno to be slightly easier than OSRS -Tzkal-Zuk has had its max hit reduced to 85. To allow our Inferno to be slightly easier than OSRS _____________________________________________________ The base Slayer Experience given per kill of the following monsters has been corrected from all masters: -Adamant Dragons -Rune Dragons -Spitting Wyvern -Drake -Dark Beast -Dagannoth -Cave Kraken -Bronze Dragon -Black Dragon -King Black Dragon -Basilisk (Knights will give same as regular Basilisk for now) -Gargoyle -Aviansie -Hydra -Alchemical Hydra (Boss task gives boss XP, Killing Alchemical while on a REGULAR Hydra task provides Hydra xp) -Lizardman -Smoke Devil -Wyrm -Turoth -Kalphite Queen -Dagannoth (Boss task) -Demonic Gorilla (Boss task) -Lizardman Shaman (Boss task) -Cerberus (Boss task) -Chaos Fanatic -Crazy Archaologist -Scorpia -Giant Mole -Callisto -Kraken -Barrelchest -Vetion -Chaos Elemental -Venenatis -Commander Zilyana -K'ril Tsutsaroth -General graardor -Kree'arra -Abberant Spectre -Cyclops -Cave Bug -Ice Giant -Ice Warrior -Chaos Druid -Skeleton -Ghost -Crawling Hand -Dark Warrior -Mammoth ______________________________ Finished up the Bloody Chest system -Bloody Chest now has a perm. spawn in the 53 wildy Rogue Castle -Chest is now lootable by using the key or clicking on the chest ________________________________________ Completely rewrote the Battlepass Interface Began writing a whole new system for the never before used Battlepass -Very proud of this as its one of the first "systems", or projects where I create 100% my own classes and implement them in where need be Finished 100% of the displaying of the Battlepass interface The server now checks your Battlepass XP & Battlepass tier After the server checks your XP & Tier you are then ranked up _____________________________________________ Tarn's Diary can now be properly used on the following items -Salve Amulet -Salve Amulet (i) Tarn's diary has had a Hover Menu implemented in Tarn's diary is now obtainable from the PvM point shop Slayer Enchantment has had a Hover Menu added Updated right-sided minimap orbs -Top is now Battlepass Quick access button -Middle is now the Quick Slayer button for Donators -Bottom is now the Quick Teleport button for Donators Implemented a proper Progress bar within the Battlepass interface "Claim Premium Rewards" button now claims Free & Premium Battlepass rewards Collection Log now counts rewards from sacrificing Unsired Completely implemented Vorkath Blowpipe -Infinite ammo -Strength of Dragon Darts -Same speed as Blowpipe Upgrade system has been completely replaced/rewrote -Interface now has tabs for Weapons, Armour, etc -Upgrades can now require more than 2 items Receiving a Vorkath Head at 50 kill count has been fixed Created the Kodai Multi Tool item Kodai Multi Tool can now be created via the Item Upgrade System Implemented a system that updates the Cache version automatically -No longer have to downlaod 101001 caches!!!!! WOO! Hover information has been properly added for the Keris Fixed the clicking positions for the buttons within the Collection Log Finally completed the loot table interface -Added 6 new buttons for possible boxes or chests -Made the buttons function and pull up proper loot tables -wrote all the proper loot tables for the available loots Implemeneted an aggrotimer to stop afking PvM while away from your computer Motherlode Mine has been implemented -Mine ore veins -Fill sack with paydirt -Loot cleaned ore via the ore sack Basic Blast Mine has been implemented -Creating Dynamite works -Harvesting Saltpere -Using Dyanmite on mining spots to collect ore -Using Blasted Ore on the sack supplies loot (needs highly revamped) All Infernal Max Capes now have the proper stats & are named within the server Fixed a few missing items within the Grim Reaper collection All noted Crystal Key rewads in game (obtaining noted keys) have been changed to the unnoted, stackable version Added Prospector Percy spawn to the Motherlode Mine, near the bank Removed the Rockfall objects within the Motherlode Mine map Expanded on Blast Mine system -Juniper Trees are now able to be chopped -Volcanic Sulphur can now be mined The following teleports have been added -Motherlode Mine -Blast Mine Adjusted the XP given from Motherlode Mine -This Change effects all game modes Players can now obtain Golden Nuggets from MlM Mystery, Super Mystery, and ultra Mystery boxes are now stackable Lava Dragons now drop 1x Lava Scale every kill Fixed a small error with the crown being displayed in the Collection Log message sent to players upon obtaining a loot & updating their pages Updated all Starter packs All Ancestral Items now require 65 defence & 75 magic to be equip A brand new Daily Reward interface has been designed & written client sided, 100% by me. This is very simple & something I am very proud of, hope you all enjoy! Rewrote the Daily Reward system server side to support our new interface & removed anything unrelated Created a Resource Collection interface -This will be used for a "Kingdom of Miscellinia" type system Fixed an issue with the crown being displayed in wilderness boss spawns Implemented some anti-cheat engine measures PvP magic accuracy formulas have been updated and now match osrs The missing rooftop agility courses have been implemented
  11. Wishing everyone a happy New Year in our lovely little community! 🎆 Thank you for being apart of Dragonstone's journey in 2020. We are planning an early 2021 release to help ring in the new year. No set date yet.
  12. Hey guys. I recently had a friend make this cool signature. Hope you guys like it as much as I do!
  13. Rules for Staff Applications Must use the template when applying. Must be 18+ Serious applications only. In-Game Requirements Must maintain activity within the community. (Discord, Server, Forums) Minimum forum post count of 15. Must have no recent offenses. (within 30 days) 5+ days of in-game play time is highly recommended In-Game Staff Application Name: Age: In-game Username: Discord Username: Location: Timezone: Languages: How long have you played Dragonstone? (Please include screenshot of :screenshot of time played): How many hours do you play a day?: Why do you want to be a member of the Staff team?: Do you have any skills that could be of benefit to the server?: If you were a helper... What would you do if you saw someone spamming?: What would you do if someone was severely flaming a player?: What would you do if you found or were informed about duped items?: Would you be willing to help host events, or event host events of your own?: If you do not abide by the rules of Dragonstone and uphold the duties that are expected of you It can & will result in a demotion. Do you understand and accept these conditions? Yes: I (insert name) understand and accept. No: Application Null and Void.
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    Meme dump?

    Post the best memes here! *Runescape memes get automatic +10*
  15. I've been working hard on this latest update of Dragonstone. It has taken all of my time outside of irl work for the last month. Avast it is finally here! I have other great news to accompany this update; I will have a TON more time available moving forward meaning we can finally plan a new Launch date & begin to prepare as intended, months ago. I hope to see you all a long for the ride! Assorted media of changes & updates. (Only a small portion) Corporeal beast passage now works properly, from both directions. Steam Battlestaff (or) creation Void set combinations (See latest guide on Void Sets) New interface for the NPC Kill Tracker Proper Chambers of Xeric reward interface New Live Highscores interfaces New Inventory Hover Menus Updated Mystery Box interface Inventory option to quick check rewards of Mystery Boxes, Keys & Chests Reclaimable Starter items & removal of T3 set Surge autocasting interface& server side implementation Collection Log expansion(Been putting off forever) Updated banking interface (Work in progress)
  16. I figured since I spent the last few hours completely rewriting the Void Set effects & how they work/are activated. I could write this excellent pre-launch guide for everyone! Void buffs: Range: Regular Void: 10% passive increase to Ranged accuracy, 10% passive increase to players damage Elite Void : 15% passive increase to players Ranged accuracy, 12.5% passive increase to players damage Supreme Void : 20% passive increase to players Melee accuracy, 15% passive increase to players damage Mage: Regular Void: 45% passive increase to players Magic accuracy Elite Void : 50% passive increase to players Magic accuracy, 10% passive increase to players damage Supreme Void : 55% passive increase to players Magic accuracy, 15% passive increase to players damage Melee: Regular Void: 10% passive increase to players Melee accuracy, 10% passive increase to players damage Elite Void : 20% passive increase to players Melee accuracy, 15% passive increase to players damage Supreme Void : 30% passive increase to players Melee accuracy, 20% passive increase to players damage What does each set consist of? Void Mage Void Melee Void Range Elite Void Mage Elite Void Melee Elite Void Range Supreme Void (One helmet works for ALL combat styles) Notes Void pieces of different rarity or tiers can now be mix matched & still provide a buff. THIS ALWAYS PROVIDES THE BUFF OF THE LOWEST TIER BEING WORN. SUPREME VOID TOP & SUPREME VOID BOTTOM COUNT AS ELITE VOID PIECES WHEN NOT MIXED WITH THE SUPREME HELMET -For example; Void Knight Melee helm + Supreme Void Top + Void Knight Bottom + Void Gloves = Regular Void buff
  17. Its been 2 months since our last official post which is much, much longer than expected. This delay however was much, much needed at the same time. Lets keep this short; I've dedicated myself & a majority of my time to this project for about 18 months. This dedication adds a lot of stress on top of the ongoing changes & events this year has held in store for us in this beautiful year, 2020. Due to irl factors and factors directly involving the server, I felt I had no choice put things on pause and take a break until I was able to handle things again. This break began around October 10th. I have recently began working on the server again and preparing the approach to Dragonstone's future. However starting Novemember 27 my irl workload will be increased for at least 8 weeks. I will still be developing with & dedicating as much time as I physically can to the server. Vam8 & myself would like to thank anyone has played & provided feedback during the extended beta period which will soon be ending. We can expect to launch in the first Quarter in 2021. Pre-launch advertisements will be pushed around December 24. Enjoy this preview off some of the content that has recently been worked on! Progressive Achievement Diary Tab! Tektus' Gear Fixed the broken Pest Control Interfaces (Last update done before the break) New Advertisement Thread Full update log contained in the spoiler
  18. Thank you for having me @Kid Buu. Can't wait to jump in and start grinding. Happy Gaming and Stay Safe! -Rarely
  19. Welcome Rarely. Thank you for your service to your wonderful country! Dragonstone will have low rate exp modes available which sound perfect for you! Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  20. This makes me sad, but its the smart play and better for the server. Hope to see everyone on the beta server! Lets try to get the community established more than it already is. The server has had a lot of amazing updates and content additions since the beta initially closed so I highly recomend checking it out!
  21. Hello everyone. I know we were excited to launch today, unfortunately that can not happen. To sum it up, My workplace had put us on mandatory 6 day weeks until further notice shortly after the launch announcement. I still planned to carry on the launch, however, that is a terrible idea. I attempted to get out of the extra days this week however, it just wasn't possible. Simply put; I can not develop & manage the sever to any type of decent standard with one day a week which I could dedicate to the server. I wouldn't even be around for the second, third, fourth day of launch which are valuable days to establish a real community & fix issues that come with a larger player base. This delay kills me to announce but ensures Dragonstone is everything it can be when we finally do launch. I would hate to let this last year or so of work & planning to go down the drain quicker than we can blink. The beta server will be reopening later today and will be announced in the Discord. I will begin to push project threads on some community forum pages to gain some attention and will still continue to develop the server with basically all of my free time until I have a break from real life to launch our wonderful server. Wishing you all the best & I hope to see you guys back on the Beta. Thank you for your continued support of Dragonstone.
  22. Hello everyone! My Username is Rarely. You can call me Rarely, Rare or Lee. I'm 24 years old. I'm married with no kids. I'm currently in the process of Transitioning out of the Army. I've done 6 years too many, and really look forward to getting out. I've played Runescape as whole since 2007 and Private Servers since 2010. I've always played as a Skiller with little to no interest in the combat skills. Collecting resources and grinding that Exp has always been my passion. That's a little about me, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! IGN: Rarely Discord: Rarely#0001 Forums: @Rarely Happy Gaming and Stay Safe! -Rarely
  23. The official launch date is set for Sunday September 20, 2020. 12 PM EST. Tons of events on day of launch and long term events or competitions will also be announced upon launch! As we approach launch things are being further balanced and we are starting to push advertisement. Thank you all for participating in the extended beta and ensuring we provide a quality server upon launching. Finished website. Design by Lantern Web. If you're reading this post you can obviously tell our forum page has received a huge makeover. This is due to the completion of the website revamp we started in mid august! We began by only redesigning the homepage to see if we were fans of the artist work. We also wanted opinions from our small beta community. The theme was overall loved so we continued with the store & forum design overhauls! Assorted media of various updates completed within the final month of the beta Full Update Log Updated the message sent when crushing Crysal Shards into Crystal Dust. -Fixed text and more visible colors Completed remaining issues with the Divine Potion system that I had wrote. -Multiple Versions can now be used without interupting timer of previous potions drank Divine Super Combat potion has been implemented Divine Bastion & Divine Battlemage potions are now supported and function properly Fixed an isssue with Divine Super Combat potion (3) degrading into the proper (2) dose potion All Divine potion forumulas changed to match OSRS Fixed the Starter Dungeon teleport Replaced the new quest tab interface as it is currently premature Fixed an issue with switching to the achievement diary interface from the new "old" quest tab interface Holy Wrench has been implemented and now provides more prayer points when restoring via Prayer Potion or Super Restore doses Players can now create a Neitiznot faceguard by using a Basilisk Jaw on a Neitiznot Helmet Altar of Occult added to home near the WOGW Crystal Chest added to home bank Removed broken, unclickable models from the runecrafting pouch definitions. (NEED TO FIND BETTER ROTATIONS AND OFFSETS FOR OLD POUCH MODELS) Basilisk Knights spawns now properly added Fixed the location of the barrows teleport Fixed location of the Basilisk dungeon teleport Renamed the Basilisk Dungeon teleport to Baslisk Kinghts Basilisk Knight death animation has been implemented Undead Druid death & attack animations implemented Temple spider death and attack animations implemented NPC Spawns added to Forthos Dungeon. This inlucdes -Red Dragons -Baby Red Dragons -Undead Druids -Temple Spiders The following npcs are now attackable -Red Dragons -Baby red Dragons -Undead Druids -Temple Spiders -Basilisk Knights Mining animations fixed for Dragon pickaxe (OR) You can now mine with a Gilded pickaxe Gilded pickaxe mining now loads the proper animation Mining animations fixed for Crystal Pickaxe Corrected the attack animation of all axes Attack animation of all sword-type weapons or unspecified weapons has been fixed Client Prayer Status bar now updates as often as your prayer orb, rather than only while in combat Added all monster spawns to Iorwerth dungeon in their proper rooms Iorwerth Dungeon teleport has been implemented to the teleport interface Possible rewards updated for the Iorwerth Dungeon teleport Black Demon display model zoom fixed for the Teleport Interface Dalek boss display model zoom fixed for the Teleport Interface Fixed the teleport location of Chambers of Xeric Fixed the teleport location of Theatre of Blood Clan Wars teleport has been changed to Trials of Xeric lobby teleport Nightmare boss has been renamed to Dalek (Purple Alien boss) Wilderness Skeletal Wyvern teleport display model zoom fixed for the Teleport Interface Revenant dragon display model zoom fixed for the Teleport Interface Green Dragon display model zoom fixed for the teleport interface The ruins (black demon) display model zoom fixed for the teleport interface Lava Dragon display model zoom fixed for the teleport interface Made multiple changes to the Basilisk Knight combat script -Follow distance reduced by 2 for a total distance of 8 -Follow distance reduced by 2 for a total distance of 8 -The way attack style chosen has been rewritten to make the fight much more diverse Fixed an error I had caused with the Sanguinesti Staff spell casting Rewrote the charging method for the Sanguinesti Staff (for the second time, I know) Gilded Sangunesti Staff now has its own Charging method. Wrote by yours truly. Rewrote the loot table available when pickpocketting Men -Amount of coins received a HUGE nerf. New maximum of 350. -High end Herb seeds removed -Grimy Guam Leaf, Guam Seed, and Marrentill seed have been added as uncommon loots -Grimy Rannar weed has been added as a rare loot -Easy Clue Scroll has been added as very rare loot Players now receive 1 Crystal Shard for every resource harvested within the Gauntlet Revamped the Red Dragon droptable (Slight revamp tbh) Revamped Iorwerth Archer/Warrior Droptables Completely revamped the pickpocket lootables for Farmer and Master Farmers Reimplemented the Solak and Void Knight Champion teleports Basilisk Knight droptable has been implemented Done right before bed needs testing; Basilisk Knight table Tektus Healer spawns (Further Diversify) Test the item/chest dupe discovered with the new Mystery Chest system Removed old fishing spots from the Home Area Moved Bob Barter to a better spot @ home Removed Thessila from home area as she wasn't needed there Moved Twiggy O'korn to a new location @ home Slayer Chest is now located beside Turael Implemented a new "Cod Zombies Mystery Box" style system which will currently remain unused Added a TON of checks for almost every action in-game to prevent issues or exploits within the new Mystery Box system Fixed an issue with Corporeal Beast Collection Log entry Repacked server sided maps that had object errors -Barrows Catacombs -Various raids rooms The barrier at The Nightmare teleport now functions properly and teleports you to the Nightmare lobby The energy well inside of raids will restore all of a players HP, prayer and special attack. Much more work has been done on the Nightmare barrier. -Can enter from teleport location to start lobby -Can leave from lobby, effectively removing the player from the lobby system -Can leave from the actual fight, effectively removing the player from the fight & lobby system Finished working on the names of the Collection Log categories -Finalized names in Order; Bosses, Raids, Minigames, Clues, Wilderness, Other Implemented all wilderness bosses into the Wilderness Collection log entry Added a hovering Icon for the Well of Goodwill object Added a hovering Icon for the Trading Post The point shop NPC has been changed Increased the price of Keris in the PvM point shop to 1650 Thieving revamp ________________________________________________________________ Cake Stall now requires 5 Thieving & gives 16 base experience Fur Stall now requires 25 Thieving & gives 37 base experience Silver Stall is now operational Silver Stall now requires 50 Thieving and gives 58 base experience Gem Stall now requires 75 thieving & gives 80 base experience Updated the shop prices of all Thieving Stall items ________________________________________________________________ Finished working on the Slayer Tracker progress bar system Heros can now be pickpocketted with the first click option Made a ton of progress upon finishing the Donation system promotion system. Only need to finish rewards now -Progress bars now work & function with the correct percent based on amount of tokens spent within a 48 hour period Packed a custom looting bag model Updated the overhead Crown for the only currently available Developer account Prayer Status Bar will now display 99 if a player happens to obtain more than 99 prayer points -Mostly a QoL addition for Admin/Developers but anything could happen in the future in terms of content allowing more Hitpoints/Prayer Points Greatly reduced the amount of coins given to players from Mystery Boxes Removed the chance to get Blood Money while woodcutting anywhere Completely revamped chances & amounts to get Blood Money from almost every action in-game Removed more code hidden deep within the source calling for Blood Money drops from NPCs Revamped daily taks rewards -Skilling tasks now give a Skilling crate & up to 40 Skilling Points for completeing the task -PvM tasks now give up to 2000 Blood Money and a PvM crate for completeing the task The passive Rare Drop table system has received a small revamp -No longer gives coins upon every loot table roll -Dragon Mace added to the rare section -Dragon Battleaxe added to the rare section -Dragonstone Bracelet added to the rare section Removed Barrows Gloves from the Pest Control reward interface Added the Void Seal of Power to the Pest Control reward interface You can now buy the Void Seal of Power for 350 pest control points Fixed an issue causing the Fighter Hat selection to highlight the Void Seal of Power (Only visual but should work properly anyway, am I right?) Reduced amount of coins in a normal player's starter to 500,000 (500K) Select noted herbs have been added to Basilisk Knight drop tables Mirror Shield added to Basilisk Knight & Basilisk Droptables V Sigil added to Basilisk Knight droptable Changes to Range Shop ____________________________ All forms of darts up to Rune have been added Bronze Knives Added Steel Knives added Various stock amount changes Whole store has been reorganized ____________________________ Changes to Melee Shop ____________________________ Stock of Combat Bracelet (6) has been reduced to 100 Bronze Knives Added Steel Knives added Various stock amount changes Whole store has been reorganized Amount of all Dragon weapons has been reduced to 100 Stock of the Proselyte set pieces has been reduced to 100 ____________________________ Changes to Magic Shop ____________________________ Enchant Jewlery Tabs have been removed from the shop Reorganized certain runes within the store ____________________________ Changes to Consumable Shop ____________________________ Monkfish have been added to the store Prayer Potion (4) has been added Stock of Shark has been reduced to 5000 Stock of Super restore & Saradomin Brew potions reduced to 500 _______________________________________ The following shop prices have been updated _______________________________________ Ava's Accumulator now cost 100K coins Rune Crossbow now cost 45k coins Rune Arrows now cost 275 coins Mithril Bolts now cost 175 coins Adamant Bolts now cost 285 coins Runite Bolts now cost 400 coins Black D'hide Body now cost 15k coins Black D'hide chaps now cost 12k coins Black D'hide Vambs now cost 8k coins Red D'hide Body now cost 11k coins Red D'hide Chaps now cost 8.5k coins Red D'hide Vamb now cost 6.5k coins Blue D'hide Body now cost 8k coins Blue D'hide chaps now cost 6.25k coins Blue D'hide Vambs now cost 4.5k coins Green D'hide Body now cost 5k coins Green D'hide chaps now cost 4k coins Green D'hide Vambs now cost 2.5k coins Snakeskin Boots now cost 12.5k coins Bronze Knives now cost 12 coins Iron Knives now cost 35 coins Steel Knives now cost 110 coins Black Knives now cost 150 coins Mithril Knives now cost 200 coins Adamant Knives now cost 285 coins Rune Knives now cost 360 coins Bronze Darts now cost 20 coins Iron Darts now cost 42 coins Steel Darts now Cost 88 coins Mithril Darts now cost 185 coins Adamant Darts now cost 280 coins Rune Darts now cost 425 coins Obsidian Cape now cost 175k coins Ring of Recoil now cost 2250 coins Camal Mask now cost 150k coins Bear Head now cost 75k coins Initiate Sallet now cost 16k coins Initiate Hauberk now cost 25k coins Initiate Cuisse now cost 18k coins Proselyte Sallet now cost 28k coins Proselyte Hauberk now cost 32k coins Proselyte Cuisse now cost 30k coins Astral Runes now cost 250 coins Nature Runes now cost 325 coins Cosmic Runes now cost 175 coins Revenant Ether now cost 87 coins Revenant Teleport now cost 8k coins Shoulder Parrot now cost 250k coins Prayer Potion(4) now cost 7.5k coins Enhanced Looting Bag now cost 200k coins Enchanted Gem now cost 10k coins _______________________________________ Made Revenant Cave Teleports stackable Fixed an issue with Venenatis & Vet'ion Collection log entrys (Same issue, different entrys) Rewrote sections of the Collection log refreshing to allow it to refresh many more items at once Wrote a brand new Clue Scroll (Easy) Collection Log entry. Added over 20 items to the easy clue scroll tables Players can now change appereance before starting the tutorial. This allows the player visual of our new starter interface to be utilized properly. Mask of Ranul can now be equip Mask of Ranul now has proper stats (Matching Wizard Hat) Undead Druids now have droptables. (Seems like a very solid table for a mid-level NPC) Temple Spiders now have a droptable, similar to Undead Druids The Temple Door to enter the Temple Spider room in the Forthos Dungeon now functions properly The strange floor in the Red Dragon area of Forthos Dungeon is now an agility shortcut -Requires 75 Agility -Takes players almost directly to the Temple Spider room All slashable Webs inside of Forthos Dungeon can now be properly cut down to navigate the dungeon Updated the teleporter display for the following entrys; -Iorwerth Dungeon -Forthos Dungeon Monsters in the Iorwerth Dungeon now have a 1/24 chance to drop a Crystal Shard Added a message to the Crystal Shard drop, that is notice & matches the theme of the map Increased the Hit Delay timer of Skotizo from 3 to 4 to allow prayer flicking of the attack Completely rewrote the Skotizo interface as some new interface work done by a hired developer caused overlapping/colliding issues & said developer removed my skotizo code lol The Dark Altars now properly trigger the new Skotizo Interface Reweote most of the Starter Tutorial and changed the locations it teleports you around to Removed 8 steps to the Starter Tutuorial dialogue Changed the starting location, Home, & Glory teleport locations Reverted the Daily Reward interface back to the old one, that displayed much more server information Updated the loot section of the updated Daily Reward Interface Implemented my old Alert System into the new client (Overlooked this since the start of the new client process I guess xD) Starter Rapier has had its max hit forumula changed. (Allows for a max hit difference of 1 at 99 everything, just makes other equipment more viable) Starter Wand has had its max hit formula changed Added Support for Buchu, Goplar, and Noxifier farming Farming timers have been revamped -Guam: 1 Minute 20 Seconds -Marrentil: 2 Minutes -Tarromin: 3 Minutes -Harralander: 3 Minutes 40 seconds -Ranarr: 5 Minutes -Toadflax: 6 Minutes 20 Seconds -Irit: 7 Minutes -Avantoe: 8 Minutes -Kwuarm: 9 Minutes -Snapdragon: 10 Minutes -Cadantine: 12 Minutes -Lantadyme: 13 Minutes 30 Seconds -Dwarf Weed: 16 Minutes -Torstol: 18 Minutes Fixed an issue with creating Divine Super Combat potions All Divine potions created are now given in (4) dose versions, not (3) dose versions Removed some old code involving Sanguinesti Staff's old healing method that was throwing errors but seemed to have little to no effect on performance Flax picking now cycles much quicker, allowing players to pick an inventory of Flax in a fraction of the time Replaced the Crystal Shard ID being dropped inside of Iorwerth Dungeon Anti-venom potions now provide anti-poision effect and timer if a player is not venomed Anti-venom timer has been increaed to 5 minutes Anti-venom+ timer has been increased to 15 minutes Revamped all available runecrafting options at ::dz Cooking range at ::dz now works as intended Furnance added to the ::dz map Pottery Oven added to the ::dz map 3 Maple Trees have been added to ::dz Box of Health has been added in between two bank booths inside of the ::dz island Pottery Oven at ::dz now works the same as other pottery oven objects The mining area of the new donator zone has been revamped Removed Master Fisher from home bank Removed Black Chins from ::dz Updated the unwalkable tiles for the new Donator Zone. Using RSPSi map editor. Fixed the broken Object Animation of the Occult Altar Updated the click options of the Occult Altar to prevent useless options taking up space Infernal Chest has been replaced with the new Stormbreak Chest Infernal Key pieces have all been replaced/updated to Stormbreak Key pieces Infernal Key has been replaced/updated by the Stormbreak Key Fixed all naming of the new key Server Sided Moved Callisto's spawn location so that players now spawn without getting hit right awaya Moving Callisto also fixed a bug causing him to get stuck and become unattackable, while also not being able to attack players Fixed issues with with surrounding tiles of the Noxious Chest -Players were unable to navigate to these tiles or use the object from said tiles Added all client side data for the new Tektus Armor set & longsword King of Shadows boss has finally been named King of Shadows spawning system has been implemented -Now has a 1/125 chance to spawn when any other boss is killed inside the wilderness Shadow Spirit shield is now in-game and has a working effect -1/6 chance to deal a random amount of damage up to 20 against the NPC damaging you Siphon Spirit shield is now in-game and has a working effect -1/6 chance to heal the player wearing the shield by 15% of damage being dealt by NPCs Reflective Spirit shield is now in-game and has a working effect -1/6 chance to reflect 15% of damage being dealt to the player wearing the shiled by NPCs Added staff debug messages for all the shield effects to properly track things Added Purple hitsplat for the healing effect of the Siphon Spirit Shield All Blood Weapons now display a purple hitsplat when healing the player
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