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    • Very nice guide. Much needed. Thanks for the contribution Vam!
    • Arcane Spirit Shield: +20 Magic Bonus. (1/599 Droprate from Corporeal Beast)   Elysian Spirit Shield: 30% Chance to block 25% of incoming damage. (1/850 Droprate from Corporeal Beast)  Spectral Spirit Shield: Reduces damage dealt by the Summoned Souls at Cerberus. (1/599 Droprate from Corporeal Beast)  Divine Spirit Shield: Reduces incoming damage by 20% but drains your prayer by 16% of damage dealt. (1/599 Droprate from Corporeal Beast)  Reflective Spirit Shield: Has a 1/5 chance to reflect 15% damage back to attacker. (1/299 Droprate from Shadow Beast)  Shadow Spirit Shield: Has a 1/5 chance to send out a "Shadow Blast" that does 0-20 damage. (1/299 Droprate from Shadow Beast)  Siphon Spirit Shield: Has a 1/5 chance to heal for 15% of damage dealt. (1/450 Droprate from Shadow Beast)
    • Hi Everyone! My name is chaos, Im 22 years old and ive been playing runescape and runescape private servers since i was around 11! As a player im going to strive to be active in this forum community and on discord. If anyone has any questions feel free to message me in game on on the community discord :D
    • Void Knight Champion teleport has been removed Chambers of Xeric lobby timer has been reduced to 30 seconds Theatre of Blood lobby timer has been reduced to 30 seconds Removed the Crown from the Upgrade Table  Removed the third click option on the in-game hiscore scoreboard object   Crystal Halberd special now works with the updated ID Every single instance of awarding players a Crystal Halberd has been changed to the updated ID Bonus Skill event had been reduced to a 15% EXP boost Solak's Max health has been reduced to 2500 Respawn timers of Solak and Dalek have been reduced to 2 minutes Fixed some incorrect "Possible Rewards" within the teleport interface Deep Sea fishing teleport has been removed (Removing deep sea fishing entirely in the future & revamping the fish obtained, adding uses etc)   ________________ ToB Changes ________________ Maiden: -Maiden now only spawns the Blood Spiders once, at 40% HP left -Blood Spiders now heal a random amount of 5-15. Previously was 10-15 Bloat: -The max hit of Bloats Flies has been reduced by 3 -Increased the amount of time Bloat stays "shutdown" by 5 -Reduced the max amount of stpes Bloat has to walk before shutting down by 4 Nylocas Vasilias -Now changes forms after 5 attacks, not 3
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