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    • Just a small update to fix various bugs, Hope we all enjoy! Working on lots of content & fixes for the next one!   Players will now have Trading Post variables reset when teleporting away from the Post  Message sent when item degrades now names the proper NPC to reclaim the item. (Perdu) The stats have been fixed on the Infinity Gloves 3rd Age Longsword now requires 65 Attack to be worn Manta Rays now require 81 fishing to catch instead of 91 Imbued Heart Timer has been added Implemented a command to check the time left on players Bonus XP books Implemented ::claimvote; Works the same as ::claimvotes Saradomin GWD minions no longer hit through prayer Kandarian helmets, clown mask, snow imp masks now cover a players full head
    • Starter Guide For Dragonstone Step 1: Picking the right account Ironman: No trading with others Ultimate Ironman: No Bank and No Trading Hardcore Ironman: 1 Life only, if you die you become a Normal Ironman. No trading. Group Ironman: Group Ironman will allow you to trade with friends in a group of up to 4, including yourself. This feature is limited to trading with each other, not other players within the server.  Step 2: Picking experience rate/Drop rate % Step : 3 Getting to know the home area A couple steps north of the starting point you will find the Dragonstone Teleporter. This will teleport players to any monster, boss, or minigame location!   Beside the Dragonstone Teleporter is a Referral Chest where players can claim a reward based on how they found the server!   A few short steps south west and you will be at the Slayer Masters, Any player who wants to start out with PVM is suggested to grab a slayer task from Turael right when they start. You want to grab a task from Turael because he is the "easy" Slayer Master, meaning easy to kill tasks.     Around home you will find various shops. Some of these stops have changing stock depending on your Game Mode!   You can obtain points from PVM, Bossing, Skilling or just about any other action in-game. These points can be spent at the Point Reward shop! Obtain PVM points by killing monsters within the server. Bossing points are obtained by killing bosses. Skilling points are obtained from training non-combat skills. We also have a very diverse Vote Point shop to reward players for using the ::vote command to help our server grow! This shop is located inside the home bank.     If you head back towards the Slayer Masters you will find the following; Trading Post (Global trading system)   Untradeable Reclaim:   Many players join Dragonstone & ask us the rewards or drops from NPCs/Mystery Boxes. Luckily for you, we have interfaces for those things found INSIDE of the Quest Tab!   To be continued... ENJOY!
    • bump where the memessssss
    • Nightmare Rewrite Upon having a larger test pool than Vam & Myself a few issues popped up within the backend of Nightmare that caused some in-game issues. I dedicated the time to completely rewrite & customize the lobby system & mechanics behind the Nightmare. The lobby system has been replaced & improved greatly. Only one Nightmare fight may now be happening within the server at a time. This is a by choice mechanic and not some type of hot-fix for those wondering. Server announcement have been added when a team beats or gets defeated by the Nightmare A reward interface has now been implemented (require a client update) Items are now lost on death but reclaimed via Shura Players who die are now kicked out of the boss fight as well   Ultra Mystery Box release! After a large delay due to a number of things needed addressed before hand, ULTRA MYSTERY BOXES ARE NOW AVAILABLE! These boxes are currently only available through the Donation Store but provide great rewards. The collection log for this box has been also been added, including all 61 rewards available! With the release of these boxes a few mid-tier items have been added to the donation store at a seemingly fair price.   Client changes: New Loading Screen implemented! Sprites added Number of player crowns available increased  
    • Hi everyone, content is being added bit by bit as I gather info 🙂   🔥Do not read this guide yet, it is very incomplete🔥 🔥Do not read this guide yet, it is very incomplete🔥 Before using this guide: All tables are screenshots from a spreadsheet as it's harder to format them within this forum post I will not provide XP for each action or hourly rates — I've tried to compare XP bonuses from XP Boosts / starter cape / skill outfits / bonus XP / Well XP boost and can't determine an exact formula for calculations; same goes for the difference between account XP rates, I can't find an exact number that serves as base XP to simply x4 or x25 on (I really tried, reach out to me and I'll share my calculations 😂) I might add XP in future but only for 25x without any boosts If anything is wrong or inaccurate, please let me know! I don't have anything interesting to put here Please use ctrl+F to find whatever you want 😛   ————————————————————  General Information / Useful links  ———————————————————— Skilling points can be earned randomly while skilling The skilling shop can be found at home, next to the teleporter       While skilling, you may encounter anti-bot (or anti-afk?) checks like this: Make sure you respond within 60s, or you'll be teleported home! Skilling outfit pieces give a small boost to your XP gained OSRS Wiki : Reference for XP Chart   ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————       todo Crafting Runecrafting Hunter Thieving Agility   Prayer   ———————————————————— Woodcutting / Firemaking ———————————————————— Information Get an infernal axe   Locations West of home area (towards Grand Exchange) Normal Trees Willow Trees <retake screenie>   Farming Teleport Teleports -> Skilling -> Farming Normal Trees Oak Trees Willow Trees <retake screenie>     —————————————————————— Mining   / Smithing —————————————————————— Information Only one coal is required to smelt any bar that requires coal Infernal Pickaxe smelts your ore into a bar and you get to keep it but you must have coal in order to make mithril, adamantite and runite bars I'm not sure if blast mine works, don't know where to get dynamite to test it <XP table> Locations   Mining Guild Teleports -> Skilling -> Mining Guild     Motherload Mine (30 Mining) Teleports -> Skilling -> Motherlode Mine Pay-dirt can be any ore from Coal to Adamantite or a golden nugget (~less than 10 ore per inventory won't be coal) Veins will never deplete Infernal Pickaxe only acts as a regular pickaxe Upper floor and agility shortcuts don't work You can only deposit when standing next to hopper as pathing will not automatically bring you to the hopper The hopper might not display the accurate amount of ore if you log out with ore inside, I recommend clearing the sack once you hit ~200+, sack seems to cap out at around 305 Best mining XP rates   North-West of DZ ::dz command Runite Rocks Adamantite Rocks Mithril Rocks Coal Rocks Gem rocks  
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