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    Hello again everyone, Its time to start overhauling our boring ole' website as we approach closer & closer to having a set launch date. The first set of changes is upon us! Lets start small; I have fixed the buttons within the Store page so they now properly redirect to the right webpages. Rather than directing back to the main store page or not working whatsoever. Now the kicker! I am introducing a brand new custom designed Landing Page / Home Page designed by Lantern Web! This landing page is complete with a favicon, server icon, & a custom theme based off the Nightmare of Ashihama & is very user friendly. I believe this landing page is beautifully done and will help us attract players upon launching & there after. I feel it fits the theme of existing graphics, showcases that we have a lot of the current OSRS content, and says "we're here to compete".
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    The Inferno AoE/Multi-combat lag Fixed General Client Updates! TONS of new models including the new Dragonstone Teleporter! Removal of Pet Insurance Full Update log: Removed the login screen that was calling for a map then moving its position around said map Implemented a custom login screen with a few custom sprites Repositioned the button clicks & sprite positioning within the login screen code for the client The Loot Table interface can now display many more items per box The Wilderness Chest has been added to the Loot Table interface Fixed an issue with the Crystal weapon/armour/seed Dialogues @ the NPC Lliann All Crystal bow's that were previously available have had their ID updated to the newest Crystal Bow Fixed the issue with the Slave systems variables not being properly read when a player logs back in You can now operate a Crystal Bow to check the amount of charges it has left Extended the scrollbar length of the advanced setting tab Added a toggeable setting to enable/disable the HD Ground Textures within the advanced options setting The depletion rate of all Mining Nodes has been decreased The base experience of plating/harvesting ALL herbs now matches experience given in OSRS Extended Antifire Potions can now be create by using Lava Scale Shards on Antifire Potion (4) Lava Scales can now be crushed into Lava Scale Shards Increased the number of crowns the Client is able to support Added many new crowns that will be used through out the server Teleporting directly to a Kalphite Slayer task will now teleport you to the correct location Abyssal Tentacle now poisons your enemy in combat Updated the XP drop system so that when gaining multiple styles of experience at once they will land & apply to the total counter at different times Fixed an issue with the order of certain Crowns within the cache clashing Updated the crowns on the Global Message systems The Did You Know news event now activates once every 45 to 70 minutes Changed most crowns inside the quest tab interface The piglet NPCs all across the map now properly appear as Thugs Cleaned up the naming of a ton of NPC spawns including the following & many more; -Dragon Implings (Donator Zone) -Black Chinchompa (Donator Zone) -Deadly Red Spider (Server wide) -Chaos Druids (Server wide) -Abyssal Demons (Naming + stats server wide) -Black Demons (Level 172) -Iron Dragons (Catacombs) -Magic Axe (Catacombs) Removed the following redundant/random spawns from Zeah; -Earth Warriors (Beside Raids) -Chaos Druids (Cemetery) -Thugs (outside of Cemetery? lol) -Death Spawns (Catacombs) The combat stats of the following NPCs have been corrected and now match OSRS; -Ghosts (level 19) -Hydra (non-boss) -Earth Warriors -Deadly Red Spiders -Chaos Druids -Thugs -Skeletons (Level 22) -Bronze Dragons -Iron Dragons -Abyssal Demons (Slayer Tower) -Black Demons (Level 172) -Greater Demon (Level 101) (Level 92) -Greater Nechryael -Mutated Bloodveld -Hill Giants -Ankous -Cyclops (Level 81) -Moss Giant -Magic Axe -Possessed Pickaxe -Deviant Spectre -Shade (Catacombs) -Twisted Banshee -Dagannoth (Level 74) (Level 92) -Warped Jelly -Dust Devil (Level 93) -Lesser Demon (Level 82) -Fire Giant (Level 86) -Hellhound (Level 122) -Spider (Level 1) -Bat (Level 6) -Rat (Leve 1) The Infenro minigame has seen a HUGE revamp and is now similar to OSRS with Pillars and Glyph functioning Many more untradeables are now supported by the new Untradeables Reclaim system including; -Ring of Wealth (i) -All Slayer Helmets -Skill Capes & Hoods Kraken can no longer be killed off task Yveltal boss has been implemented Various interfaces have been worked on inside the cache Fixed some issues with the pillars/jal-nibs in inferno Guzzle rock cake option now works The Glyph now spawns during the Inferno boss fight and blocks incoming damage Fixed many bugs involving the Ancestral Glyph not moving when the Tzkal-Zuk fight is started Tzkal-Zuk now spawns healers when his health reaches 240 health. They heal 10 damage per attack they do to tzkal-zuk Tzkal-zuk now spawns an Inferno Jad at 480 health Tzkal-Zuk spawns a Ranger & Mager every 350 ticks (Previously 200) Fixed the lag that occurs when using multi-style combat. E.X; -Barrages -Chinchompas Fixed an error allowing players to hurt the pillars within the Inferno (Even though a fail safe already exists allowing them to respawn with the correct amount of HP after each wave) Packed over 50 models into the cache Made 12 new items able to be equip. Most importantly the Angel of Death equipment (Subject to a name change) Packed a new Teleporter object. Custom made by myself. Pet insurance system has been removed Pets are now kept on death Pets now teleport to a player after they die Players who are in idle mode will no longer receive Loyalty Points
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