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  1. Awesome guide Dragonrock! I'll get a for sure list of what those other capes do for you!
  2. vam8

    Solak Guide

    Solak is a boss with 2500 HP that drops the supplies to create the best range armor and one of the best ranged weapons in the game. To get to Solak simply go to the teleporter in the home area, select bosses, and scroll to the bottom. Solak is the second to last boss in the list. Before we talk about actually killing Solak lets take a look at what he drops and what these drops do. 1. Algarum Thread - Algarum Thread is the key component needed to create the Sirenic Armor 2. Sirenic Scales - Sirenic Scales are the secondary ingredient in creating the Sirenic Armor, also used to charge the armor and the Seren Godbow 3. Seren Godbow Stock and Seren Godbow (unf) - Combine these two to make the Seren Godbow Fighting Solak Solak has 2500 hitpoints and its pretty straight forward, he is also the perfect boss to chill and hang out with friends as long as you have two or more people. You can solo Solak it just takes a little more time and attention. Gear: The only thing you need is halfway decent magic gear like Ahrim's, Void of any kind as long as you have the mage helm, and any staff. Use blood barrage so you gain HP throughout the fight. (Solak is basically immune to any damage that is not magic damage) Solak has 3 attacks he uses Magic: Solak throws a green orb at the player. Make sure to always be praying mage, this attack can hit up to 50's without prayer, but won't hit through prayer. Ranged: Solak will throw a stone at a player (looks much like demonic gorilla ranged attack). This attack deals minimal damage to the player (2-10) Solaks special attack: Solak will occasionally jump into the air and throw out a small green attack that will hit a player. This is the only real damage Solak will do to a player and it can hit upwards of 50's, prayer or no prayer. If you are soloing Solak just try to run to a different location when he jumps and you can usually avoid this attack. In a group you can run but the likelihood of him using this attack again on the same person in a row is small. Once you kill Solak the loot will go into your inventory. Making the gear To make the full set of Sirenic Armor you need 5 Algarum Thread and 280 Sirenic Scales The individual scale cost of each piece is: Sirenic Mask: 50 Scales Sirenic Body: 100 Scales Sirenic Chaps: 80 Scales Sirenic Gloves: 25 Sirenic Boots: 30 Total Cost: 285 Sirenic Scales The Sirenic Mask, Body, and Chaps will eventually degrade. To recharge them you need the same amount of scales you used to make them, but no Algarum Thread. (50/100/80) Seren Godbow: To make the Seren Godbow simply use the stock on the (unf) and select yes in the dialogue. The Seren Godbow will also degrade costing 100 Sirenic Scales to recharge it. That being said there are multiple 'Skins' you can put onto the Godbow that will make it undegradable. The skins can currently only be bought in the donator shop for 50 Dragonstone Tokens each. There are currently 5 skins: Barrows, Blood, Third-Age, Ice, and Shadow (left to right) The Shadow, Third-Age, and Barrows skins are only cosmetic whereas the Ice skin has a chance to freeze your target and the Blood skin has a chance to heal for 1/4th of the damage dealt.
  3. Awesome update! Thanks for the hard work!
  4. vam8

    Chaos altar

    So I've had a few people ask the fastest way to the Chaos Altar in the wilderness so here's a super simple little guide. Just teleport to Chaos Fanatic in the bosses teleport Then just run southwest along that path drawn and you're there 🙂
  5. Arcane Spirit Shield: +20 Magic Bonus. (1/599 Droprate from Corporeal Beast) Elysian Spirit Shield: 30% Chance to block 25% of incoming damage. (1/850 Droprate from Corporeal Beast) Spectral Spirit Shield: Reduces damage dealt by the Summoned Souls at Cerberus. (1/599 Droprate from Corporeal Beast) Divine Spirit Shield: Reduces incoming damage by 20% but drains your prayer by 16% of damage dealt. (1/599 Droprate from Corporeal Beast) Reflective Spirit Shield: Has a 1/5 chance to reflect 15% damage back to attacker. (1/299 Droprate from Shadow Beast) Shadow Spirit Shield: Has a 1/5 chance to send out a "Shadow Blast" that does 0-20 damage. (1/299 Droprate from Shadow Beast) Siphon Spirit Shield: Has a 1/5 chance to heal for 15% of damage dealt. (1/450 Droprate from Shadow Beast)
  6. What a massive update! Love to see it and can't wait for launch!!
  7. This makes me sad, but its the smart play and better for the server. Hope to see everyone on the beta server! Lets try to get the community established more than it already is. The server has had a lot of amazing updates and content additions since the beta initially closed so I highly recomend checking it out!
  8. Donator Rank : $10 5% Droprate Boost Access to ::yell Command with a short timer between yells Access to ::dz Command to teleport to the Donator Zone 3 knew skin colors Gain 3-10 Loyalty points per hour Access to the Ornate Rejuvenation Pool at home which restores HP, Prayer and Special Attack Super Donator Rank : $25 7% Droprate Boost Access to ::previous command which will load the last teleport a player used via the Teleport Interface 4-13 Loyalty points per hour Extreme Donator Rank : $50 10% Droprate Boost 5-16 Loyalty points per hour Ultra Donator Rank : $100 15% Droprate Boost Access to ::edz Command to teleport to the Extreme Donator Zone Unlocks a maximum of 15 listings in the Trading Post 6-19 Loyalty Points per hour Tranquil Donator Rank : $250 20% Droprate Boost Access to ::bank command 7-21 Loyalty Points per hour Respected Donator Rank : $500 25% Droprate Boost 8-25 Loyalty Points per hour 20 points to cancel assigned Slayer task 70 points to block assigned Slayer Task Legendary Donator Rank : $1000 35% Droprate Boost 9-32 Loyalty Points per hour Unlocks a 1/234 chance to receive 2 drops from EVERY kill 10 points to cancel assigned Slayer task 50 points to block assigned Slayer Task After a player exceeds $1000 donated they will have an extra drop rate boost that scales with their amount donated! Forumula; (amount donated - 1000) / 50 =Droprate Boost (THIS BOOST CAPS AT 20%) Extra perks & information At $10 you unlock a few new perks: Access to the ::teleport Command Unlocks a maximum of 10 listings in the Trading post At $2000 you unlock a few new perks: Unlocks a 1/132 chance to receive 2 drops from EVERY kill
  9. This guide is amazing, There were a few of these bosses that I didn't really know how to do so you explaining them helped bunches 😄
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