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  1. This makes me sad, but its the smart play and better for the server. Hope to see everyone on the beta server! Lets try to get the community established more than it already is. The server has had a lot of amazing updates and content additions since the beta initially closed so I highly recomend checking it out!
  2. Donator Rank : $5 5% Droprate Boost Access to ::yell Command with a short timer between yells Access to ::dz Command to teleport to the Donator Zone 3 knew skin colors Gain 3-10 Loyalty points per hour Access to the Ornate Rejuvenation Pool at home which restores HP, Prayer and Special Attack Super Donator Rank : $25 7% Droprate Boost Access to ::previous command which will load the last teleport a player used via the Teleport Interface 4-13 Loyalty points per hour Extreme Donator Rank : $50 10% Droprate Boost 5-16 Loyalty points per hour Ultra Donator Rank : $100 15% Droprate Boost Access to ::edz Command to teleport to the Extreme Donator Zone Unlocks a maximum of 15 listings in the Trading Post 6-19 Loyalty Points per hour Tranquil Donator Rank : $250 20% Droprate Boost Access to ::bank command 7-21 Loyalty Points per hour Respected Donator Rank : $500 25% Droprate Boost 8-25 Loyalty Points per hour 20 points to cancel assigned Slayer task 70 points to block assigned Slayer Task Legendary Donator Rank : $1000 35% Droprate Boost 9-32 Loyalty Points per hour Unlocks a 1/234 chance to receive 2 drops from EVERY kill 10 points to cancel assigned Slayer task 50 points to block assigned Slayer Task After a player exceeds $100 donated they will have an extra drop rate boost that scales with their amount donated! Forumula; (amount donated - 1000) / 50 =Droprate Boost (THIS BOOST CAPS AT 20%) Extra perks & information At $10 you unlock a few new perks: Access to the ::teleport Command Unlocks a maximum of 10 listings in the Trading post At $2000 you unlock a few new perks: Unlocks a 1/132 chance to receive 2 drops from EVERY kill
  3. vam8

    Starter Guide

    Very nice guide Pad!!
  4. This guide is amazing, There were a few of these bosses that I didn't really know how to do so you explaining them helped bunches πŸ˜„
  5. I need that bow!!
  6. vam8

    Chaos Fanatic Guide

    Very nice guide!! πŸ™‚
  7. Glad to have the new forums up, looks really good!!
  8. Hey guys, so I'm Vam8/Cman and I'm the admin here on Dragonstone. Cman is just my regular account so I can take part in all the fun community events and stuff we do here πŸ˜› So I've been playing Runescape/RSPS's for close to 12 years now. Which seems like a really long time now that I think about it. I work at a little vape shop in a college town and that's pretty much what I do for most of my time, when I'm not there at work I pretty much just play games, mainly being Dragonstone but I also play some other games like Minecraft, Modern Warfare (mainly warzone), Valorant, Fortnite, League of Legends and Squad. If you guys play any of those games and ever wanna play I'm always down for playing with new people so feel free to pm me and add meπŸ™‚ I hope to see you all in game and do lots of fun stuff with you guys πŸ™‚
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