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  1. Will give favors for custom rank. On topic though, I have been excited for when this would get implemented on the forums. Are you going to match them in game as well somehow?
  2. Hello my fellow Dragonscapers, my name is Justin and I have been playing RSPS for a very long time (Pretty much since they came out). I am currently a student in college in pursuit of his Graphics Degree in Applied Sciences. I love this server and intend to keep playing it for a great deal longer and I hope to see all of you in game and have the chance to hang out with everyone. Due to work and school it's a little difficult for me to put in the time and effort that I used too. I have a lot of homework and assignments I must get in done in school and then on my off days I am usually at work trying to keep myself financially stable while at the same time be a full time college student. If you have any questions about something in game or want to hang out and kill a boss just send me a message on Discord or message me in game! Thanks for reading my introduction and have an amazing scaping experience.
  3. That really is a lot of updates! Keep it up! Also love the new home area!
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