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  1. Hell yeah! These the updates we talking about. Keep em coming buu
  2. Plenty of these still available! Let's grind them out boys!
  3. Re-introduce Star boxs to skilling shop. Add Clues the slayer shop (for ironman mostly & master clue hunters)
  4. Any Feedback would be Great feedback as these are just ideas to inspire more ideas. (to be edited and continued) The ability to swap a # Jars (jar of sand, jar of souls, ect) for possible loot items from said Jar's equivalent boss. Adding Marks of grace to skilling shop. and swap ale of the gods to loyalty shop. (could be considered rare at a later date) Adding Basic equipment to the PKP shop such as (godsword shards, barrow pieces, half keys) so people can use there seren points on pieces they might not have. Add a Max hit Dummy @ ::dz (possibly another perk) Boss shop has GWD chest, maybe we can do similar for other bosses? Adding Crystal shards+Ancient shard to a shop would be widely sought after. Add Vote tickets to the PVM shop (not cheap ofc) Make ::teleport to ::tp as we are all lazy enough to use said teleport. 🙂
  5. Thats pretty sick, and thats cause its DBZ not your name 😜
  6. Hello! Many of you know me as Toxic ingame, my irl name is Cory, im known around the rsps community as ThatkidCory, been around rsps for as long as i can remember playing runescape, codefasga was the shit yo. So far my thoughts on the server are pretty genuine, the community is helpful, the owners pride in his work shows, and as far as im concerned, i see my self comfortable here in the formidable future. I am 30 years young, married with a son. Whatever time i dont give them gets put on the computer, mostly rsps or games one way or another. I enjoy card games such as MTG and Pokemon, thanks to my son xD. not much more to know! im just a nerd, simple. XD
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