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Skillcape Perks Guide

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Here's a guide, thanks for Vam8 and Kid Buu for providing information 😉 Not fully complete as some perks are unknown, please let me know if there's any misinformation or anything!

AgilityAgility Agility

Agility cape(t).pngAgility hood.png

Acts as Graceful Cape


AttackAttack Attack

Attack cape(t).pngAttack hood.png

Acts as infinite Tokens in Warriors Guild


CookingCooking Cooking

Cooking cape(t).pngCooking hood.png

100% Cook Rate


CraftingCrafting Crafting

Crafting hood.pngCrafting cape(t).png

Teleport to Crafting Guild when operated (Unlimited)


DefenceDefence Defence

Defence hood.pngDefence cape(t).png

Acts as Ring of Life


FarmingFarming Farming

Farming cape(t).pngFarming hood.png

No clue


FiremakingFiremaking Firemaking

Firemaking cape(t).pngFiremaking hood.png

No clue


FishingFishing Fishing

Fishing cape(t).pngFishing hood.png

Chance to catch two fish at once (No bonus xp)


FletchingFletching Fletching

Fletching cape(t).pngFletching hood.png

No clue


HerbloreHerblore Herblore

Herblore cape(t).pngHerblore hood.png

Chance to save (unf) potions


HitpointsHitpoints Hitpoints

Hitpoints cape(t).pngHitpoints hood.png

Restores Hitpoints faster


HunterHunter Hunter

Hunter cape(t).pngHunter hood.png

Teleports you to the PuroPuro minigame entrance (Unlimited)


MagicMagic Magic

Magic cape(t).pngMagic hood.png

Swap spellbooks when operated in inventory (Unlimited)


MiningMining Mining

Mining cape(t).pngMining hood.png

Chance to mine two ores at once (No bonus xp)


PrayerPrayer Prayer

Prayer cape(t).pngPrayer hood.png

Restore more prayer points per sip of Prayer potion and Super Restore potion


RangedRanged Ranged

Ranging cape(t).pngRanging hood.png

Saves ranging ammo (like Ava's Accumulator)


https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/images/thumb/6/63/Runecraft_icon.png/21px-Runecraft_icon.png?c278cRunecrafting https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/images/thumb/6/63/Runecraft_icon.png/21px-Runecraft_icon.png?c278c

Runecraft cape(t).pngRunecraft hood.png

No clue


SlayerSlayer Slayer

Slayer cape(t).pngSlayer hood.png

Teleport to current task when operated (Unlimited)


SmithingSmithing Smithing

Smithing cape(t).pngSmithing hood.png

Chance to save a bar when smithing


StrengthStrength Strength

Strength cape(t).pngStrength hood.png

No clue


ThievingThieving Thieving

Thieving cape(t).pngThieving hood.png

No clue


WoodcuttingWoodcutting Woodcutting

Woodcut. cape(t).pngWoodcutting hood.png

Chance to get two logs at once (No bonus xp)

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Awesome guide Dragonrock! I'll get a for sure list of what those other capes do for you!

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14 minutes ago, vam8 said:

Awesome guide Dragonrock! I'll get a for sure list of what those other capes do for you!

Appreciate the help always 👍🏻

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