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Kid Buu

Revenant Cave rebalancing changes

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Revenants Caves have received a HUGE revamp due to players seeing it as the "meta". While I intended for Revenants to be a good source of supplies and high-tier armor I had no intentions on this being the only thing people wanted to grind. We have a vast variety of content and will do everything to ensure the balance &  not one early-mid game spot is more worth doing than end-game content, unless its for a specific reward. I have also been working on a number of larger fixes that are not yet complete with some more "backend" things within the server. I am hoping to have these things finished ASAP and focus more on the content we have planned for everyone!


Certain items now degrade in combat and require repairs at Predu;
-Amulet of Avarice - 500 attacks - 1,000,000 from 0%
-Morrigans Armour Pieces - 1500 attacks - Top & Bottom 400k from 0%. Coif 250k from 0%
-Statius Armour Pieces - 1500 attacks - 450K from 0%
-Statius Warhammer - 500 Attacks - 550k from 0%
-Vesta's Armour Pieces - 1500 attacks - 500K from 0%
-Vesta's Longsword - 1500 attacks - 75k from 0%
-Vesta's Spear - 1500 attacks - 500K from 0%
-Zuriel's Armour Pieces - 1500 attacks - 500K from 0%
-Zuriel's Staff - 1500 attacks - 550K from 0%
Fixed using items on Perdu to quick-repair
Fixed the pricing calculation for the repair cost of items not 100% drained
Statius Warhammer special now drains  the targets defence, similar to a Dragon Warhammer
Fixed the spear attack animations. (One animation for all styles atm, will implement style animations)
Fixed the data being sent when wearing a Vesta Spear to show the proper attack styles and the missing special bar
All Revenants now respawn at a rate of 40 seconds

All Revenants now have the proper combat stats to match the OSRS revenant NPC's
Revenant Imp spawns have been added around their proper area of the caves
Fixed some outdated loot tables on the teleport interface
Fixed an issue causing NGF raid teleport data to load over The Nightmare when Nightmare was selected.

Issues with NGF raid reward interface have been resolved
Updated the Vorkath Head ID used to create the Vorkath Blowpipe within the Upgrade Table

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Hell yeah! These the updates we talking about. Keep em coming buu

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