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Skilling Guide (WIP)

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Hi everyone, content is being added bit by bit as I gather info, be aware that is it still incomplete 🙂

Before using this guide:

  • All tables are screenshots sourced from osrs wiki as it's harder to format them within this forum post
  • I will not provide XP for each action or hourly rates — I've tried to compare XP bonuses from XP Boosts / starter cape / skill outfits / bonus XP / Well XP boost and can't determine an exact formula for calculations; same goes for the difference between account XP rates, I can't find an exact number that serves as base XP to simply x4 or x25 on (I really tried, reach out to me and I'll share my calculations 😂)
  • If anything is wrong or inaccurate, please let me know!
  • This guide is NOT a step-by-step, do X at level Y guide, most of the locations are near banks anyway so it should be fairly straightforward


Please use Ctrl+F to find whatever you want 😛


General Information / Useful links

Skilling points can be earned randomly while skilling and can be  spent at the point shop east of the teleporter at home

The skilling shop can be found at home, north west of the teleporter




Skilling outfit pieces give a small boost to your XP gained

OSRS Wiki : Reference for XP needed per level















spacer.png Woodcutting Woodcutting icon.png / Firemaking icon.png Firemaking Firemaking icon.png


Train woodcutting by chopping trees with an axe

Train firemaking by burning logs with a tinderbox

Infernal axes don't require charging once it's created, so get one ASAP!

This table applies to both WC and FM 🙂




West of home area (towards Grand Exchange)


  • Normal
  • Willow



Farming Teleport

Teleports -> Skilling -> Farming


  • Normal
  • Oak
  • Willow



South of Woodcutting Guild

Teleports -> Skilling -> Woodcutting Guild -> Run south and follow the path all the way


  • Normal
  • Oak
  • Willow
  • Magic


Seer's Village

Teleports -> Cities -> Camelot -> Run West


  • Normal
  • Oak
  • Willow
  • Yew (south of bank, not in picture)
  • Magic (don't chop these, use another location)



Woodcutting Guild (click me) (60 Woodcutting)

Teleports -> Skilling -> Woodcutting Guild


  • Normal
  • Oak
  • Willow
  • Maple
  • Yew
  • Magic
  • Redwood



Mining icon.png Mining Mining icon.png  / Smithing icon.png Smithing Smithing icon.png


Train mining by mining ore with a pickaxe

Train smithing by smelting bars and smithing equipment with metal

Only one coal is required to smelt any bar that requires coal

Infernal pickaxe smelts your ore into a bar and you get to keep it but you must have coal in order to make mithril, adamantite and runite bars

Infernal pickaxe does not require charges once it's created

I'm not sure if blast mine works, don't know where to get dynamite to test it







Mining Guild (Click me)

Teleports -> Skilling -> Mining Guild


  • Coal
  • Mithril
  • Adamantite
  • Runite
  • Amethyst


Exit the guild to find:


  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Iron
  • Coal
  • Gold
  • Mithril
  • Adamantite



Motherload Mine (30 Mining)

Teleports -> Skilling -> Motherlode Mine


  • Pay-dirt can be any ore from Coal to Adamantite or a golden nugget (~less than 10 ore per inventory won't be coal)
  • Veins will never deplete
  • Infernal Pickaxe only acts as a regular pickaxe
  • Upper floor and agility shortcuts don't work
  • You can only deposit when standing next to hopper as pathing will not automatically bring you to the hopper
  • The hopper might not display the accurate amount of ore if you log out with ore inside, I recommend clearing the sack once you hit ~200+, sack seems to cap out at around 305
  • Best mining XP rates



North-West of DZ

::dz command -> Run North-West


  • Coal
  • Mithril
  • Adamantite
  • Runite
  • Gems



South of EDZ

::edz command -> Run South


  • Iron
  • Mithril
  • Runite
  • Gems



Land's End

Teleport -> Skilling -> Land's End


  • Gems



Furnace and anvil locations

North of home



Varrock West










Hunter icon.png Hunter Hunter icon.png


I don't think the larupia outfit has any effect

How to hunt: place trap and wait for animal to walk into trap

You can place the following number of traps simultaneously based on your hunter level:


Birds (bird snare)



Chinchompas (box trap)


Hunter shop (found at hunter teleport)



South of Woodcutting Guild / North of Land's End

Teleports -> Skilling -> Hunter



  • Crimson Swifts
  • Golden Warblers
  • Copper Longtails
  • Cerulean Twitches
  • Tropical Wagtails
  • Chinchompas
  • Red Chinchompas



Wilderness Spot

Teleports -> Wilderness -> Revenants -> Run south and a little east until you see a pond in the grassy area


  • Black Chinchompas
  • You can place an additional trap in the wilderness regardless of your level



North-West of EDZ

::edz command


  • Black chinchompas




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