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Kid Buu

Nightmare rewrite, Ultra Mystery box release, & more

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Nightmare Rewrite


Upon having a larger test pool than Vam & Myself a few issues popped up within the backend of Nightmare that caused some in-game issues. I dedicated the time to completely rewrite & customize the lobby system & mechanics behind the Nightmare.

The lobby system has been replaced & improved greatly.

Only one Nightmare fight may now be happening within the server at a time. This is a by choice mechanic and not some type of hot-fix for those wondering.

Server announcement have been added when a team beats or gets defeated by the Nightmare

A reward interface has now been implemented (require a client update)

Items are now lost on death but reclaimed via Shura

Players who die are now kicked out of the boss fight as well


Ultra Mystery Box release!


After a large delay due to a number of things needed addressed before hand, ULTRA MYSTERY BOXES ARE NOW AVAILABLE! These boxes are currently only available through the Donation Store but provide great rewards. The collection log for this box has been also been added, including all 61 rewards available!

With the release of these boxes a few mid-tier items have been added to the donation store at a seemingly fair price.


Client changes:

New Loading Screen implemented!

Sprites added

Number of player crowns available increased


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