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Kid Buu

Updates & changes 4/30/2021

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Hello. Sorry for the delay since our last update post. I was gone for 5 days last week due to my Girlfriend planning a last minute surprise vacation/road trip for my birthday.  Since getting back I've been working hard to fix a lot of issues I feel our holding us back for multiple reasons & a lot of QoL changes. Here's the first wave!


Updates & Changes

Climbing Boots (g) can now be equip
Rune Scimitar ornament kits can now be used on Rune Scimitars
Coin rewards from clue scrolls have been greatly decreased
Fixed all Turoth animations (attack, block, death)
All Turoth variants have the proper droptable
Clue Scrolls now give the correct Thieving Bag
Players can now activate the special attack of the Vorkath Blowpipe
Revenant drop tables have received another revamp 
Toxic Staff of the Dead & Staff of Light can now autocast Ancients
Toxic Staff of the Dead has had its Magic attack bonus corrected
Thammaron' Sceptre can now autocast ancients
Torn Master Clue pieces can now be combined by using the click option
-Players will be sent a message if they do not have all 3 pieces required
The dialouge has been fixed when using the clue peices on each other by hand
All droprate modifiers have been revamped and rebalanced


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Good stuff cant wait to see the upcoming fixes and updates.


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