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Kid Buu

Dragonstone Price Guide

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Hey Dragontone Players! If you've ever wondered about the price of things on Dragonstone, then look no further. 

I've typed up a brief Price Guide to help you with Buying and Selling things on Dragonstone. 

This Price Guide will give you a general idea of items and their respective prices based on the state of the server.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the item prices within this guide, please feel free to voice your opinion on our discord or in-game and we will be sure to update it.

To quickly find an item, please hit CTRL+F to search.



~Dragonstone   P r i c e  G u i d e ~

*Tokens & Tickets*
Donator Tokens: 15m Each
Vote Tickets:  2m Each
Pkp Tickets: 450k - 500k Each

Partyhat Set: 1B
Partyhat & Specs: 300m
Blue Partyhat: 200m
White Partyhat: 200m
Red Partyhat: 200m
Purple Partyhat: 200m
Green Partyhat: 200m
Yellow Partyhat: 200m
Black Partyhat: 500m
Rainbow Partyhat: 500m
Lava Partyhat: 350m
Infernal Partyhat: 1B

Santa Hat: 150m
Black Santa Hat: 300m
Inverted Santa Hat: 300m
Mystery Boxes: 40m
Dragonstone Boxes: 40m
Ultra Mystery Boxes: 150m
Infernal Mystery Box: 80m
3rd Age Pieces: 50m - 60m Each

*Godwars *
Bandos Chestplate:  100m
Bandos Tassets:  100m
Bandos Boots:  25m
Bandos Hilt:  70m - 75m
Godsword Shards:  10m Each

Armadyl Chestplate:  75m
Armadyl Chainskirt:  75m
Armadyl Helmet:  35m
Armadyl Hilt:  200m - 250m
Godsword Shards:  10m Each

Zamorakian Spear:  75m - 100m
Staff of the Dead:  150m - 175m
Zamorak Hilt:  50m - 60m
Godsword Shards:  10m Each

Saradomin Sword:  50m - 60m
Armadyl Crossbow:  150m
Saradomin Hilt:  100m - 150m

*Raid Rewards*

Elder Robe Hood:  20m - 25m
Elder Robe Top:  25m - 30m
Elder Robe Bottom:  25m - 30m

Dragon Sword: 75m - 100m
Dragon Harpoon:  50m - 60m
Dragon Claws:  450m - 500m

Ancestral Hat:  250m - 300m
Ancestral Top: 500m - 525m
Ancestral Bottom:  500m - 525m

Dinh’s Bulwark:  100m - 130m
Dragon Crossbow:  150m - 175m
Elder Maul:  200m - 250m
Kodai Insignia: 500m - 750m
Twisted Buckler:  135m - 150m
Twisted Bow:  1.5B - 2B
Twisted Crossbow: 1.3B - 1.5B

*Zulrah Drops*

Tanzanite Fang:  350m - 400m
Magic Fang:  100m - 150m
Serpentine helm:  100m - 125m 
Tanzanite Mutagen (Cyan):  125m
Tanzanite Mutagen (Red):  125m
Uncut Onyx:  10 - 12m
Zulrah Scales: 4k Each

*Cerberus Drops*

Pegasian Crystal:  100m
Pegasian Boots:  150m
Eternal Crystal:  35m - 40m
Eternal Boots:  50m
Primordial Crystal: 90m
Primordial Boots:  100m

*Corporal Beast Drops*

Spectral Sigil: 200m
Arcane Sigil:  475m
Elysian Sigil: 600m
Spirit Shield:  75m - 80m
Holy Elixir:  100m - 110m
Divine Sigil: 1B


*Chaotic Weapons*

Chaotic Longsword: 300m - 350m
Chaotic Rapier: 375m - 400m
Chaotic Crossbow: 275m - 300m
Chaotic Staff: 275m - 300m

*Barrows Items*

Dharok’s Helm: 10m - 15m  
Dharok’s Platebody: 15m - 20m
Dharok’s Platelegs: 15m - 20m
Dharok’s Greataxe: 10m - 15m

Guthan’s Helm: 10m - 15m
Guthan’s Platebody: 10m - 15m 
Guthan’s Platelegs: 10m - 15m
Guthan’s Warspear: 10m - 15m 

Verac’s Helm: 10m - 15m
Verac’s Brassard: 10m - 15m
Verac’s Plateskirt: 10m - 15m
Verac’s Flail: 10m - 15m

Torag’s Helm: 10m - 15m
Torag’s Platebody: 10m - 15m
Torag’s Platelegs: 10m - 15m
Torag’s Hammers: 10m - 15m

Karil’s Coif: 10m - 15m
Karil’s Leathertop: 15m - 20m 
Karil’s Leatherskirt: 15m - 20m  
Karils Crossbow: 10m - 15m

Ahrim’s Hood: 10m - 15m
Ahrim’s Robe Top: 15m - 20m
Ahrim’s Robe Skirt: 15m - 20m 
Ahrim’s Staff: 10m - 15m

*Misc. Weapons and Gear*

Abyssal Whip: 10m - 15m
Abyssal Dagger: 80 - 100m
Abyssal bludgeon: 100 - 150m
Black mask: 50m
Crystal shield: 25m - 30m
Dragonfire shield: 50m - 75m
Dragon full helm: 15m - 20m
Dragon platelegs: 1m - 2m
Dragon plateskirt: 1m - 2m
Dragon chainbody: 2m - 3m
Dragon platebody: 10m - 15m
Dragon kiteshield: 40m - 45m
Dragon warhammer: 225m - 250m
Dragon halberd: 10m
Dragon boots: 10m
Darklight: 30m
Kraken Tentacle:  75m - 100m

Robin hood hat: 10m - 15m
Recolored Robin hood hat: 20m - 25m
Ranger’s tunic: 50m
Ranger boots:  50m
Heavy ballista: 90m
Light ballista: 40m - 50m
Dark bow: 45m
Odium ward: 100m

Infinity hat: 15m - 20m
Infinity top: 5m - 10m
Infinity bottom: 5m - 10m
Infinity boots: 15m - 20m
Infinity gloves: 2.5m - 5m
Master wand: 85m - 100m
Wizard boots: 1m - 2m
Trident of the seas: 100m - 110m
Trident of the swamp: 200m - 250m
Malediction ward: 100m

Dagon'Hai Hat: 35m - 40m
Dagon'Hai Robe Top: 45m - 50m
Dagon'Hai Robe Bottoms: 45m - 50m
Staff of Light: 80m - 100m


Archers Ring:  15m
Berserker Ring: 15m
Seers Ring:  5m
Warriors Ring:  5m
Ring of the gods:  15m - 20m
Treasonous ring: 15m - 20m
Tyrannical ring: 15m - 20m
Tormented bracelet: 40m
Ring of suffering: 50m
Ring of coins: 100m
Ring of nature: 80m
Ring of wealth: 45m - 50m
Ring of wealth (i):  250m

Amulet of Fury:  15m
Amulet of torture: 75m
Amulet of the damned: 50m
Necklace of anguish: 50m
Occult necklace: 40m - 50m
Berserker necklace:  5m - 10m
Zenyte shard: 45m


*Pvp Armor & Gear*

Vesta’s Chainbody: 80m - 85m
Vesta’s Plateskirt: 80m - 85m
Vesta’s Longsword: 100m - 125m
Vesta’s Spear: 100m - 125m

Statius Full Helm: 50m - 60m
Statius Platebody: 70m - 75m
Statius Platelegs: 70m - 75m
Statius Warhammer:  100m - 125m

Morrigan’s Leather Coif: 50m - 60m
Morrigan’s Leather Body: 80m - 85m
Morrigan’s Leather Chaps: 80m - 85m
Morrigan’s Javelin: 500k Each
Morrigan’s Throwing Axe: 500k Each

Zuriel’s Hood: 45m - 50m
Zuriel’s Robe Top: 80 - 85m
Zuriel’s Robe Bottom: 80m - 85m
Zuriel’s Staff: 60m - 75m

*Supplies & Misc. Items*

Magic logs: 10k Each
Yew logs: 6k Each
Dragon Arrowheads: 8k Each
Dragon Dart Tips: 8k Each
Runite Ore: 12k Each
Adamantite Ore: 8k Each
Sea turtles:  5k Each
Manta rays:  6k Each
Dark crab: 9k Each
Angler fish: 10k Each

Torstol: 9k - 10k Each
Dwarf weed: 8k - 9k Each
Lantadyme: 7k - 8k Each
Candantine: 6k - 7k Each
Snapdragon: 5k - 6k Each
Kwuarm: 5k - 6k Each
Avantoe: 4k - 5k Each
Irit: 4k - 5k Each
Toadflax:  3k - 4k Each
Ranarr: 2k - 3k Each

Super combat potions: 20k - 25k Each
Antidote (++) 8k - 10k Each
AntiVenom: 12k Each
AntiVenom+: 20k Each
Superior Antifire Potion: 75k Each
Stamina potions: 6k - 7k Each

Dragon Darts: 10k Each
Dragon Arrows: 10k Each
Onyx Bolt (e): 5k Each
Dragon Bolt (e): 4k Each
Ruby Bolt (e): 4k Each
Diamond Bolt (e): 2k Each

Dragon Bones: 50k Each
Dagannoth Bones: 75k Each
Raurg Bones: 80k Each
Superior Dragon Bones: 100k Each

Crystal Key tooth: 1.5m
Crystal Key loop: 1.5m
Crystal Key: 3m
Infernal Key Piece 1,2,3: 15m
Infernal Key: 45m-50m



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