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Kid Buu

Gauntlet Guide

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You only have 10 minutes to complete this mini game.

By using the sceptre on the pillars you can access the next room.

Each room has resources and monsters that you will need to collect and kill in order how to make equipment also so is needed to make potions.

When you're ready to enter the boss room. Click on the portal and you will be entered into the boss.

Killing this boss is difficult but it is doable.

Pray Mage as soon as you enter as you will take multiple damage. This boss has 3 attack styles which is users on a regular basis. The first attack will be magic the second attack will be range and then melee. It will repeat this until the boss is dead. Each attack style will hit 3 times then you will need to change your prayer after the third hit of each attack type.

When you complete the gauntlet you will receive your reward and be teleported out. I would recommend buying the crystal bow as it has really good DPS weapon and requires no arrows.







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