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Kid Buu

Sorry for the delay, I've been working. (on the server) 7/4/2020

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Boy oh boy. 11 days short of a month since our last posted update. What has been going on? Is the project dead in the water? The answer is NO! We've just been working on one of the biggest updates Dragonstone has seen!

Tons of content, Plenty of fixes, All for your enjoyment!

New Donation Store!


We have a new in house donation store. This store will be easier for our players to use as well as it being easier for the staff team & I to manage things such as the products available and creating promotional codes.


Untradeables now lost on death with a reclaim system!spacer.png


Previously untradeables were kept and sent to the bank on player death. Now when a player dies they will be sent to the Lost Untradeables container and a player must pay a gold fee to reclaim each item. This will help balance the economy by providing an efficient gold sink as well as balance the gap between certain gear sets being useful simply because of the low cost, low risk, high reward possibilities.


Slave Pet System



The base for the Slave Pet system is finally complete & ready for testing within our community Beta. Currently the only Slave pets available are the Mining Slave Pets. Soon to follow will be Woodcutting, KBD boss Slave (Needs A LOT of work to provide balance), and then Slayer Slaves. Anything after that will be determined by the Community.

Updated Emote Tab





There is a TON more in this update so why not showcase the full log for you!


Boots of Brimstones now have proper stats and are named properly throughout the server
Fireworks now display when a player hits 99 in any given skill
Combat XP drops now display the correct amount of XP
The Loot Table interface is now available. You can find it by clicking the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner
Eating no longer resets players combat & causes a bug making you run directly to the monster you are fighting if using range/mage (TEST TEST TEST)
The bank command can no longer be used in Olm's room
Updated Vengance animations to match the new OSRS animation ID
Referral Event set to ::referral buu
-Gives 1 out of 4 referral kiteshields & 5 total Mystery Boxes.
Completely disabled the daily rewards interface
Implemented the Totem of Insurance (Pets) at home. This will house the pet insurance system.
Added a Grim Reaper spawn at home. This will house the Untradeables Buy Back system.
A new donation store has been completely set up server & web sided
The interfaces for the Untradeables Lost & Pet Insurance are now fully implemented.
Fixed the inventory display of all Lugia pets
The following items are now noteable and the noted version is stackable
-Mystic Set Pieces (Dusk)
-Craw's Bow
-Viggora' Chainmace
-Thammaron's Sceptre
-Bracelet of Etherum
-Vesta weapon & armor
-Statius weapon & armor
-Zuriels wepaon & armor
-Morrigans weapon & armor
-Drake's Claw
-Drake's Tooth
-Boots of Stone
-Brimstone Boots
-Devout Boots
-Brimstone Ring
-Dragon Hunter Lance
-Amethyst (ore)
The overhead colors on objects around home have been changed to a much more appealing color scheme
-Color shceme also further matches our new logo design
The server Flash Sale system has been revamped
-Activates randomly once every 3-6 hours
-Sale last for 30 minutes
-End of Sale pre-announcement at 10 minutes
-Minimum item price is 3 Donator Tokens
The color of the Did you know tips messages has been changed to match the other News broadcasts
All random Did you know/News messages have been changed to be a little more informative and custom to the server
Fixed the styling of the text for the Fog setting. Previously did not match the other text on the interface
Implemented a new Well of Goodwill interface & system to match
All level 22 skeleton spawns inside the server have had their stats updated to match osrs
-29 Health
-Max hit of 3
-15 attack
-17 Defence
Hammers are no longer deleted when crafting Hydra Leather into Ferocious Gloves
Partyhat box Sets can now be opened by using a hammer on the box set, or a set on the hammer
-The box set will contain the 5 original party hats
Donation store prices of the following items have been revamped
-All partyhats
-Partyhat set
-Dicing bag
-Void Gloves
-Void Knight Top
-Void Knight Bottom
-Elite Void Robe Top
-Elite Void Robe Bottom
-Infernal Cape
Drakes Dragon Fishing Rod drop has been fixed
Fixed the right click options displayed on the Amethyst ore
Limited item shop has been removed
Star Sprite NPC now has 0 health as its not a fightable NPC
Fixed the message sent from the ::TP command when player has not donated enough to use the command
::TP command changed to ::teleport
Created a ::previous command for players who have donated $25 or more
-Loads the last teleport a player has used
Donator scrolls no longer subtract from your rank to add to another players rank
The following items have been properly definied & named within the server
-Justiciar Armour box set
-All Mystic robe box set
-Gilded Twisted Bow(skin)
-Blood Twisted Bow(skin)
-Frostbite Twisted Bow(skin)
-Blood Justiciar Helmet(skin)
-Blood Justiciar Platebody(skin)
-Blood Justiciar Platelegs(skin)
-Gilded Ghrazi Rapier(skin)
-Gilded Sanguinesti Staff(skin)
-Blood Seren Godbow(skin)
-Third-age Seren Godbow(skin)
-Shadow Seren Godbow(skin)
-Ice Seren Godbow(skin)
-Barrows Seren Godbow(skin)
-All versions of the Referral Kiteshield
Fixed the issue with battlemage potions deleteing the seventh item in your inventory and replacing with the new potion dose
Bastion & Battlemage potions have been revamped
-Bastion Potion now boosts stats with formulas matching OSRS
-- Ranged Formula = (4 + RangeLevel x .10)
-- Defence Formula = (5 + DefenceLevel x .10)

-Battlemage Potion matching OSRS wth a  +4 boost feels really underwhelming.. so we gave it a buff
-- Magic Formula = (4 + RangeLevel x .10)
-- Defence Formula = (5 + DefenceLevel x .10)
Rewrote the system used to turn in Ancient Emblems from the Revenant Caves
Referall Kiteshield has been given stats
-Same stats as an Adamant Defender but with +1 magic, +2 range & +2 prayer
Updated the inventory models on the following items;
-All Referral Kiteshields
-Pokeball (not currently available)

All versions of the Twisted Bow now require 75 range to be equip
Superior Twisted bow now Requires 88 ranged to be equip
The Purple Infernal Max Cape changes;
-Can now be operated
-Counts as Max Cape (In every way that other Max Capes are counted/implemented)
Ultimate Ironman can now sell items to the Ironman General Store
All runes & Rune packs added to the Ironman General store
Runes & Herblore supplies have had their stock reduced in the Ironman General Store
The Consumable shop has had its prices and stocked completely changed/revamped
Magic Tutor spawn removed from home as it has now become redundant
Players can now use a Vorkath Head on a Slayer Helmet to recolor it
Players can now create Ava's Assembler by using a Vorkath head on an Ava's Accumulator
The price to reclaim items after dying to Zulrah or Skotizo has been reduced to 350,000 coins
Dialouges have been updated regarding the reclaiming of items after dying to Zulrah or Skotizo
NPC to claim items after dying to Skotizo has been added to the Home area
Login messages for active events now appear after every other login message!
Skotizo spawn location has been moved slightly
The dialogue for the Raids Prayer Scrolls has been implemented (overlooked before, rest of system was added though lol)
Fixed the ::starterguide command
All in-game forums links have been updated to redirect players to the New forum page released at the start of the month
All Superior Slayer monsters have had their droptables revamped and buffed
XP Scrolls removed from the Donator Shops
Revenants inside the level 30 Revenant Cave have all received a droptable revamps changes include;
-Droprates of all tables adjusted
-All Totem/Statuette variants now on the table
-PvP armor & weapon pieces now drop the proper OSRS ones not the weird custom ones implemented in the base client
--This fixes some peoples issue with improper special bars that I have fixed for the REAL versions
-Amulet of Avarice introduced
-Implemented Item definitons and naming for Revenant Cave Teleport
-Revenant Cave Teleport scrolls now teleport plays to the Deep Widerness Revenant Cave (Revenant Caves 2)

Elite void top & bottom now require the following stats to equip
-42 Attack, Strength, Defence, Range, Magic, Hitpoints
-22 Prayer

The following items now have Protection + Shop values;
-Ghrazi Rapier
-Ghrazi Rapier(g)
-Gem of Fortune
-Ring of Fortune
-Ring of Fortune(i)
-Gem of Dwarves
-Luck of Dwarves
-Luck of Dwarves(i)
-Hazelmere's Gem
-Hazelmere's Signet Ring
-Hazelmere's Signet Ring(i)
-Referral Kiteshields (All versions)
Created boundary containing Vorkath's Island
The following areas can no longer have Cannon's set up inside of them;
-Vorkath's Island
-Olm's Boss Room
-Kraken Cave
Cannons can now be set up inside of the Nightmare boss zone
Added the client data for most of the newer Emote Tab from OSRS
The following emotes are now supported server sided;
-Sit up
-Star Jump
-Hypermobile Drinker
-Smooth Dance
Fixed an issue with players being able to get multiple Beaver pets from woodcutting

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Amazing updates per usual and it's a giant list. I likey!

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