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Kid Buu

Status of the Proejct

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Overview & Thanks

The project has been coming along nicely over the last few months. I have dedicated many hours & resources to ensuring I could provide the best server possible and most importantly expand upon my skills as a developer. We are ending the Final phases of our Soft-Launch open beta. It has been a long fun, stressful journey up to this point and there are NO signs of stopping anytime soon. The amount of bugs that you all have helped me discover, investigate & fix is INSANE. We have been able to implement so much new content it is unbelievable. Truly, thank you all. I hope you all stay tuned as we begin the next chapter of this Journey.


Official Launch

The Official Launch is coming soon, Hopefully by August 14th. However anything could cause us to run into delays. I am currently ordering the remaining graphics and dedicating 95% of my free-time outside of work to tying together all the loose ends. Our staff team has been busy with some IRL obligations but they are still just as dedicated to the project as I am. We hope to see you all on the other side of the launch and hope you can help us enjoy the server you've helped us build. To all the new players coming in I hope you enjoy your stay as the server is a real treat.


More details coming soon, stay tuned everyone!




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