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Kid Buu

New forum page & 5/24-5/26/2020

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New Forum page 

Welcome to the new forum page! I have been working very hard on this to bring it to life & present it to the community. I hope everyone thinks it as nice as I do! Please don't forget to register and check out the freshly posted Rules!


New Graphics


We have recently purchased and began to utilize new graphics in our discord & advertisement. With the introduction of the new forums page we are now able to use both the Logo and the Icon through out 


Server updates & changes

Just a Big ole update log to show a few things that didn't get shared on the old forums due to balancing IRL things, advertising, preparing this forum, & handling server + discord affairs.


Camel mask now counts as a full mask
Weapons & Gear tab added to the donation store
Slightly revamped every other donation store
Wrath runecrafting support has been implemented
Wrath Talisman is now available in the Skill Point shop for 2250 points
Wrath Talisman right click options now teleport players to the Wrath rune altar
Support for Runecrafting pet (Wrath) has been added
Bones to Peaches tab has been added to the PvM Point shop (3 points per tab)
Draconic Kiteshield custom item has been added to King Black Dragon's droptable
Draconic Kiteshield has had stats added 
Draconic Kiteshield and Ancient Wyvern Shield now protect against Dragonfire
Dragonfire Ward & Ancient Wyvern Shield now have the proper stats
Dragonfire Ward now protects against Dragonfire
Item configs have been added for Dragonstone armor (Tier 3)
Dragonstone armor (T3) can now be claimed by talking to Clarkeh after reaching 2000 total level

5/24/2020 (post update)
Deep sea bait has had its default shop value raised to 725 coins
Sand worms have had their default shop value reduced to 650 coins
Deep sea bait has had its default shop value raised to 450 coins
Dragonstone Platebody (T3) is now displayed in the dialogue box when claiming T3 armor
Town Crier forced chat messages have been changed
Draconic kiteshield now blocks 100% of dragonfire damage with a few exceptions (KBD mostly)

King Black Dragons combat script has been heavily reworked to further match OSRS;
The melee attack from KBD only occurs if a player has a distance of 2 tiles or less of the monster
King Black Dragon's Dragonfire attacks can now hit up to 65 if a player has no protection from Dragonfire
The rate at which KBDs attacks are chosen has been revamped to allow for more diversity 
Green/White/Blue dragonfire attacks have been reworked;
--Shield or potion alone reduces damage received from these attacks by 50% 
--Shield and potion together reduces damage received from these attacks by 75% 

Red/Orange dragonfire attack is unchaged; 
--Shield or potion alone blocks a large chunk of damage.
--Shield & Potion together blocks 100% damage

 5/25/2020 post update
White Dragon now has custom combat stats
King Black Dragon now has combat stats matching OSRS
Dragonstone Mystery Box has been revamped
Chance to receive dragonstone mystery boxes or Slayer armor pieces as additonal loot from Slayer Keys has been reduced
Dual-Bladed staff now has combat stats
Dual-Bladed staff now has a double hit effect when using Melee
All XP scrolls have been named through out the server
XP Lamps & XP scrolls have been added to the loyalty point shop
Loyalty shop has received a fairly large revamp

The Alert system is now being used by the Bonus XP notifcations
-Alert system was implemented about a month ago but has yet to be used in-game until now
-Many things will start to use this system as the server progress'
ALL XP boosts now save upon players logging out
Drake's dragonfire attack has been reworked
-The attack will now have its damage cut in half if using a any dragon breath blocking shield or an Antifire potion ALONE
-the attack will now have 100% of its damage blocked if you are using BOTH a dragon breath blocking shield and an antifire potion
Fixed the rare drop announcement for stackable items
The Global News messages have had their color changed to a soft blue rather than harsh yellow
The Global Loot messages have had their color changed to a light-neon pink rather than bold purple
The colors corresponding to staff ranks have been changed

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Glad to have the new forums up, looks really good!!

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