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Kid Buu

Updates & Announcements. 2/1/2021

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Short-term beta

As we began to ramp up advertisement as we approach a launchable state, some people have requested a beta. The staff team has decided to answer your requests! As of today our Short-Term open beta is live. The plan is only be live for 7-10 days, fix the issues, work on the suggestions and launch shortly after closing. The beta could be extended however. Lets see how this goes!

To play the beta visit



Full Update log from last post (no media as of post time, post wasn't planned)

Fixed some issues with Skill specific XP boosting items
Removed the Edgeville boundary restrictions on Magic Skillcape spellbook swapping
Tektus changes:
-85 Combat required to enter Tektus Minigame
-Tektus' blood drain attack now has a max hit of 15 instead of 20.
-Fixed the animation on the Blood Drain attack
-Corrected minion spawn locations
-Implemented Tektus' new Aura Sphere attack
-Players can no longer set up a cannon inside of the Tektus Arena
-High tier donators can no longer use ::bank inside of the Tektus Arena

15x & 5x EXP modes have been removed from the game
4x & 12x EXP modes have began to be implemented (Group ironman will now load the 4x EXP mode)

Players no longer lose runes from their rune pouch when dying inside of intstances minigames or boss areas
Craws bow will on longer remove arrows when being shot  (Already didn't need the arrows to use, nor did it draw strength from the arrows

Reward Raritys of pickpocketting  have been revamped to further further intice players while maintaining a stabilized economy
One-Click Clue Scrolls have been implemented 

Barbarian fishing now sends players a message telling them they require a Metal Fishing Rod
Fly Fishing Rod can no longer be used for Barbarian Fishing
Tweaked the XP of Strength XP gained from Barbarian Fishing

Fixed an issue with server sided global object spawns
Fixed an Incorrect Boundary for one of the Nightmare totems
Revamped the starter tutorial to make it MUCH shorter than before
Fixed some errors within the new dialouges of the starter tutorial

Removed "Elite" XP mode (2x)
Revamped all remaining XP modes
-Grind mode introduced:  12x Rates
-Challenge Mode introduced: 4x Rates
-Normal Mode revamped: 87x Combat Rates. 25x Skilling Rates
All dialogues, interfaces and buttons have been updated to reflect these changes

NPCs around home have been rearranged to further declutter things
Players now force save after changing their appereance via make-over mage interface.
-This is to further ensure new players account renders on the ironman configuration interface
Players can no longer click NPCs while in the tutorial stages
Ultra Mystery Box loot tracker (Latest loot) has been implemented
Ultra & Vote Mystery boxes have now been named properly within the server
Vote Mystery Boxes are now stackable
Vote Mystery Box has has the visible colors flipped to be more appealing to players eyes
Dragonstone Penguin pet has been implemented
Fixed base XP for things caught within the box trap (Chins)
Vote Mystery Box loot tracker (Latest loot) has been implemented
Blood Mystery Box loot tracker (Latest loot) has been implemented
Beta Tester rank has been implemented
Beta Tester rank now properly loads its crown
Beta Tester rank can now use ::yel with a 60 second cooldown
Cost of the first donator rank has been boosted from $5 (5 tokens) to $10 (10 tokens)
The task assignment buttons within the Quick Slayer interface have finally been finished and implemented
Herb farming timers have been revamped (shortended by quite a bit)
Expeditous Bracelet has been implemented
Expidtious Bracelet and Bracelet of Slaughter now have Hover Menus
PvM point & Loyalty point shops have been slightly revamped
A new Starter Dungeon has been introduced
Black Robe now properly counts as a Fullbody
Battlepass updates & Changes
Finished the XP scaling chart for level 5-30 (Subject to change in the future)
Began writing more rewards to finish out the system
"Tiers 1-10" text now changes depending on what tiers are being viewed

Rune Pouch is now safe within Inferno
Players Online Counter has been visually fixed within the Generl Tab
Zamorak GWD minions now use the proper attack styles
Zamorak GWD minions no longer hit through prayer
Fixed the stats on K'ril's spawns throughout the server

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