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Kid Buu

Quality of life. 3/14/2021

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Along with todays server update we also have a client update with some fixes & changes

Please be sure to run your client launcher or download the client again! Thank you!

Server updates & changes:

Drinking Engiol Potions has been fixed
Fixed the respawn location when a player completes the Gauntlet
Fixed Trident of the seas/Trident of the Swamp max hit
PayDirt now saves when a player logs out
Paydirt sack now has a maximum held amount of 280
Vials of Blood from Mystery Boxes have been replaced with the proper ID
Fixed the "Next" Option on the referral chest
The server now checks if a player has inventory space before rewarding Seren Key
-if the player does not have space the key will be dropped to the ground underneath the player
Updated the naming of the Enhanced Looting Bag server sided
Noted Wyrm & Drake bones are now properly recognized by the server
Drake & Wyrm bones can now be used on the Druid in the Chaos Temple
Fixed an issue with Auto-smashing Saradomin brews
Fixed the issue with the Withdraw-x function (Came from an unremoved bank changes)
Supreme void is now untradeable
Supreme void pieces can now be reclaimed at the untradeable reclaim
Void Seal is now untradeable
Players now restore run energy no matter where they die at

Herb Sack can now hold Grimy hebrs instead of clean herbs


Client updates & changes:

Npc Click options on;

Emblem Trader, Fragment of Seren

Item click options on multiple items; Most importantly Herb sack.

Removed some unused models that affected the games smaller details

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Awesome update! Thanks for the hard work!

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21 hours ago, vam8 said:

Awesome update! Thanks for the hard work!

Thanks for the kind work vam!

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